Good King Bad King

Day 13 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is King

Our Christmas story 
O so true
Is a tale of old
From many years ago

This Christmas tale is of 2 kings
both so very different
One king good
One king bad

The villain of the piece
Was very dark indeed
Jealous, mean and moody
When he didn't get his way

The bad king wanted power
Domination over his people
He didn't want the threat
Of anyone taking his crown

Magi came to Jerusalem
Expecting to visit a new born king
Following a star
They expected to see him there

Our good king nowhere to be found
The Magi stumbled on the evil king
Lies from his lips
Let me know when you find the king
I want to go and worship him

This monster of a king
Did not want to share
He had heard the prophecy
Of the saviour king

When realising the Magi
Weren't coming back
The evil king
He order all the babies killed

The Good King was born so humbly
Not Seeking earthly treasures
His parents keeping him safe
Fleeing Herod's killers

Our Good king
Doesn't desire an earthly crown
although he deserves all our praise
He just longs to know you
And wants you to believe in him

Believe this Good king
For he loves you so
Much more than status, money or gold
All he wants to be
Is king of your heart

He loves you more than anything
To the cross and back
He died so you can
Have ever lasting life

So this Christmas remember
The Good king
born in a stable
for me and for you

Photo: Clipartkey

If your feeling low, bow down low

Day 12 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is low.

If this Christmas is tough for you. Let’s face it, 2020 has been tough for the most stable of people.

If your feeling low or struggling with low self esteem, remember YOU are the apple of God’s eyes.

Yes you. God thinks your amazing, perfectly made and loves YOU.

God doesn’t want to see you struggling, sad, alone or low. God wants to empower you through his Holy Spirit. God wants to make you new and lift you up.

This Christmas in the middle of a pandemic, stop, think and reflect on what Christmas means to you.

If you accept Jesus stepped out of heaven and became fully human as God’s own son and that he saw and experienced all we do. Then bow low and worship him.

As you bow low feel your chains fall of as you break free into joy, confidence, peace, love and grace.

Remember this Christmas actual doors and buildings may be closed but churches are open virtually along with charities. If you need help ask for help and don’t struggle alone.

If only

Day 11 of #wonderfulladvent and the prompts are getting harder. Today’s word is only.

If only we often cry
Where are my keys
If only I wore my coat today
As the rain starts to fall
If only I turned right and not left
I would not be lost
If only my decisions were reversed
My life would look so different

If only everyone followed Jesus
How different the world would look
If only everyone knew where to find him
And didn't spend time searching

At Christmas time we find Jesus in a stable
But we know that's just history
If every believer wasn't quite so human
And let the light of Jesus shine
Through his Holy Spirit
Sharing the message of love and grace
The world would look a different place.

Taking the strain

Day 10 of #wonderfulladvent and the word is yoke.

Yoke what a word!

As a Christian when you hear the yoke you always quote Matthew 28.

To be honest though I have never known what Jesus meant by my yoke is easy. All I know is that Jesus wasn’t taking about eggs!

So to be honest and admit my lack of education through the power of Google I looked up yoke.

A yoke is a piece of wood that is fastened like a collar over the necks of 2 animals attached to a plough or cart for pulling.

Reflecting on this rightly or wrongly I like to think that the yoke is taking the strain of the plough or cart and making it easier for the animals to pull.

So when Jesus is saying his yoke is easy and his burden light, I have totally rethought this, instead of sweeping over the verse.

Jesus is saying I am attached to you. We are side by side. As we walk through life and our struggles, together with Jesus we are attached by our yoke and Jesus is carrying the strain with us making our burden light.

Dear Jesus 
Thank you that your attached to us
You walk beside us and never leave us
You take our burdens and struggles and all the strain
We are never alone

Are you there yet on the journey?

Journey is the word for #wonderfulladvent day 9.

From the time God made Abraham look at the night sky and promised him more descendents than the stars. To the time Isaiah prophesied about the root of Jesse

From King David to a humble carpenter named Joseph. A walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem over 80 miles. From our births to now. We are all on a journey.

A journey where we often ask “are we there yet?”

Just as Abraham waited for his Son. Just as a nation waited for their messiah. Just as Mary believed the Angel and Joseph was obedient.

We all live in that hope.

Our journey takes us many places through joy, sadness, hope, light and darkness.

For some of us it takes longer to see the truth. But whatever our journey and where that takes us, God’s promises are true.

God walks through our journey with us, the spirit holding our hands.

Are you there yet?

What’s your perfect gift?

Day 8 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is gift

If you could have the perfect gift what would it be?

A night in with your favourite sporting team?
One last hug from a loved one?

It breaks my heart so many do not believe in a child born so long ago. People happily buy into a man in a red suit, chubby and cuddly coming down a chimney. If you believe this why not the truest most perfect gift ever.

A baby born many years ago, creating the first ever Christmas. A baby who came to die and fight for us. A child that never grew old. Who died to take away our sins. Free us from pain, depression and fear. To wipe away our tears, longing to hold us near. Giving us eternal life.

Surely this is the perfect gift.

A Christmas family

Today’s word prompt for #wonderfulladvent is family. I struggled with this word but have persevered.

There were more like a family from today 
Than 2000 years ago
Joseph's not the father
Can you imagine the rumours

But Joseph a righteous man
Believed in the God of Israel
Weighing up all his options

Mary his girlfriend pregnant
And he knows for certain
That he isn't the father
What to do is the dilemma

This is where God enters in
Appearing in a dream
God's voice
Confirming this is his Son

Marry Mary, Joseph's told
I trust you to raise my child right
Mary and Joseph accept the challenge
Jesus part of the family

Mary and Joseph's family grow
Three brothers later follow
Did they want pillow fights doing normal things

Did the boys want a normal brother
Not one full of insight
Did they understand
Their older brother was the son of God

Was this family just like ours
Not always understanding each other
Did Mary and Joseph get tired
Breaking up the squabbles

But isn't that the point of Jesus
Stepping down from heaven
Becoming fully human
Experiencing all we do
Knowing what family is and the mess we make it so

Whether our family is from birth
Chosen or through Christ
We need to follow what Jesus taught us
To love one another through God's grace

This Christmas just because we can't see every one
Doesn't mean we can't be connected
Having fun celebrating the supernatural baby
Who became all to human in a way to human family

Photo – clipart

The voice of disbelief at Christmas

Voice is the prompt word for day 5 #womderfulladvent

A voice of one calling: “In the wilderness prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Isaiah 40:3
A voice of one calling in the desert
John such a part of the Christmas story
Almost forgotten

God kept Gabriel busy that year
Before he visited Mary
Gabriel entered the inner sanctuary
Speaking to Zechariah
To say he and his wife
Would have their long awaited child

Zechariah did not believe
So his voice taken away
Not stolen but gone
A lesson learnt hard for it was not until
Zechariah wrote John's name on his tablet
Setting him free in praise

How many of us relate to disbelief
And feel our voices muffled
Landing on deaf ears never to be heard

This Christmas keep those voices tuned
To sing our saviours praise
Celebrating his birth
The wonder of Christmas day

Wonderfull advent – count

The word prompt today for #wonderfulladvent is count.

Count your blessings
That's what we're told
Blessings seem distance
When your in a dark cloud
Counting redundancies
Days to pay day
Hospital appointments
Will make your days grey

The government are counting statistics
The amount of vaccine
Showing their graphs
Makes dismal reading

But counting our days of our lives away
Isn't how it's meant to be
If we have family
To spend Christmas with
Food in the house
And a nice comfy bed
We are blessed
Be contented your life's not a mess
But whatever your counting
Including calories
It all means nothing
If your empty inside

This Christmas,
Countdown to a day where hope
Was born on earth
When God stepped out of heaven
To earth so dark and lost
To experience human
And go through all that we do
God's son the father is pleased with you

Born as a baby
Adored and so loved
He humbled himself
To death on a cross
The ultimate blessing for us to count
When accepting Lord Jesus
Our sins disappeared
Our fate eternity looming
With a king of all blessings
Through grace pouring down.