Bless me today

The prompt word for #rethinkcreativelentchallenge today is Bless

Lord Jesus
Bless me today
Refreshing me with your spirit
Letting rain drops of heaven refresh this soul
Pour out your peace
Let me drink of your cup
Refreshing water of life
Seeping into my soul
Change me and renew me
Teach me to love like you
Blessing others on this journey of life
Feeling your presence as I go


The prompt word today for #rethinkcreativelentchallenge is CALL

Picking up the phone 
To call a person
Is infrequently now used
Texting and messaging is the way
Why speak unless it's necessary

How many calls go unanswered
Because we don't recognise the number
They must be another prankster
Or scammer
No-one wants to just talk anymore

There is another form of communication
When you can call anytime
The person always answers
Listens and takes the time
Whatever you are after

You don't need to dial
Be in a good place
Emotionally available
Just yourself
However your feeling

So find a quiet place
Sit be still
Call on the name of the only one
That can truly help

Prayer isn't one sided
If you can hear the receivers voice
Don't panic
Be reassured he is there
Listening and ministering

No call of prayer ignored
For God is constantly there
So call him today
With all your cares
And see how he answers

My everlasting rock

The prompt word today in #rethinkcreativelentchallenge is everlasting.

Not an easy word, but here goes!

It is hard to imagine everlasting 
Without hurting your head
Time lasting forever
In a world so temporal

But my rock is ever lasting
And also ever changing
The appearance always changing
From size to size

My rock provides provision
Whatever I need
Strength, joy, energy
Peace and grace overflowing

My rock is not a lump of stone
A metal anchor in the sea
My rock an entity
Living within me

My rock is a God
That through his Sprit lives
Puts his arm around me
When I'm sad

Everlasting is my rock
As when my days on earth are up
I run into his arms
In heaven for eternity

Our name on your hands

The prompt word for #rethinkcreativelentchallenge is NAME

My name is written on your hands
Not on the back
Or like a telephone number
Or an appointment
needed to be kept
Just as a reminder

My name is not written in biro
You have no mum telling you
To go wash off the ink
It's not tattooed
Where ink will fade
Or in sharpie to cause dismay

My name is written on your palms
Of hands so beautiful
An intimate action caused
Scars and holes
The perfect symbol of love
Especially for me

My name is known to the holy one
Out of a population of millions
The infinite one knows me personally
And keeps me near and holds me close
Never letting go
He is with us for eternity

My name isn't the only one
Written on his hands
Look closely in the lines
Into the scars of love
There you will find
Your name with mine

Celebrate – 1

The first Sunday of lent. The #rethinkcreativelentchallenge prompt word for every Sunday of lent is celebrate

I celebrate today 
God's amazing grace
Mr Newton
Summed it up
There is nothing much to add

I am a wretch
Yet a princess
A child of a King
Forgiven released
Washed clean

The cost of my freedom
Was far to high
But you glady choose to do this
Tears turned to joy
The first Easter Sunday

What is there not to celebrate
A story of such love
The stone rolled away
Victory achieved
The moment the grave found empty

So in our lent
A period reflection
There is more to celebrate
With a party
Each and every Sunday


Day 4 #rethinkcreativelentchallenge the word prompt is remember

When you break the bread 
Do you think of him
Remember the price he paid
Especially for you

When you drink the wine
Do you think of him
Remembering what it cost
To set you free

When you walk in freedom
Do you remember the victory
Breaking the chains
No longer held down

When you go about your day
Do you remember the cross
Looking for grace and mercy
To share along the way

When you breathe each breath
Remember God gave you life
Creating you individually
Loving you uniquely

When you get the chance today
Stop be still
Give praise
Remembering God thankfully

When you reflect this lent
You are not forgotten
A gracious loving God
Remembers you always

Observant to the signs?

So I am attempting a double whammy! The #fiveminuteFriday word prompt is Observant. I am also doing the #rethinkcreativelentchallenge and their prompt word is Sign. So blending the two together here is my 5 minutes of lunchtime creatively

I'm not very observant 
When it comes to noticing the signs
Do I go left or right
Round in a circle
Or jump up and down

Looking back in hindsight
Is such a great thing
But not a gift
Of time shifts
For changing outcomes of things

Maybe instead
Of having my head in a spin
Being in a dither
Not committing
Or choosing

I need to see the sign
Then be still be quiet
Letting the Holy Spirit lead
Following the sign
Which his wisdom provides