Conversations with my God

The FMF word prompt today is prayer. Something I always need work on. So much to say but only five minutes. (Just over sorry)

I treat you like an earthy friend
Dipping in and out when I can
Yet you are a Holy God
You deserve my very all

You come down to where I am
No expectations of me
You sit and listen
While I reel off every feeling

I pray
Rush off into my day
When you deserve my time
Worship and adoration

My prayers not always frequent
Often very selfish
I need to learn this art
Of conversation with my Lord

I need to dwell in your presence
So I never want to leave
Forgetting the world around
Just talking to my God

Help me to be more like Joshua
With you face to face
Breathing in your presence
Never wanting to leave

Help me to listen

Help me to sit still
At the foot of your throne
Looking at the King
As an expectant child
Listening to the story
With excitement in my eyes

No distractions of thoughts
No requests waiting to splurt out
Just sitting in awe
Quietly with brothers and sisters
As a family of Christ
Looking into the eyes of a King

Never let me forget
How holy you are
To be honoured and respected
Even though you come as a friend
You are a 3 in one divinity
And deserve my all

What do you need today?

Since I returned from visiting friends at the end of August my head has been doing a real number on me.

Nuts of unconfidence, what if’s, if only’s and comparison bringing discouragement and unsettledness.

With a day off booked and some alone time. No excuses I wanted to start in prayer. As my head was wandering I put some worship songs on You Tube in the hope of focusing.

As I was praying the song at that came on was Shoulders (link at the bottom) by King and Country. I hadn’t heard it before.

In the song Shoulders they keep singing “my help comes from you” meaning God.

Yes! That is what I needed to hear, to be reminded off. I listened to the song 3 times and my head cleared and I wanted to continue and lean on prayer as I really need God’s help to just bring joy.

As I opened my prayer journal. The bible verse on the page I am on is from Psalm 121:2

My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth

Psalm 121:2

Wow God really does give you what you need when you need it.

It is time to stop be still and let God administer. He has given me the word I need. I can’t ignore it. I have to lean in on it and I may not get the answers I want but I will get everything I need.

Today and always my strength comes from the Lord.

What do you need today. Take some quiet time out with God to let him provide and remind you of the answers you need.

Photo: page from my prayer journal. Prayer journal for women by Shannon Roberts.

Embrace the challenge

A few weeks ago I wrote about embracing life just where we are.

I have a friend that has been in hospital for over 6 weeks now. She is going through a tough and challenging time.

My friend’s mum is a Christian but she has never chosen that path. My friend hasn’t made a commitment to Christ, but she is on the verge of something.

I find it hard at times to openly approach people about my faith. If I am asked I can talk about it for hours. If I am not asked it isn’t so easy.

When I approach my faith with others I like to put it in action or in ways they can understand. I was praying how I can approach this with my friend when she is only allowed one nominated visitor, which is her daughter. COVID prevention rules. My friend is so unwell all communication has been through others or messaging.

I felt that God was telling me to make her some prayer cards. I am not an artist or artistically gifted. However I can be creative. So I decided to embrace the challenge.

I made prayer cards based on the fruit of the spirit. Writing the prayers was easy. How to make them look a wee bit pretty that I needed to embrace.

I used the little talent I do have and jazzed it up. I cut, stuck and glued with my own hand writing and adding some dots to it.

I bravely got the cards to my friend in hospital and she loves them. She has been showing them to the hospital Chaplin and others.

My prayer now is that she uses them and they open up conversations about Jesus and making a commitment.

So if you feel you are not gifted or challenged in doing something out of your comfort zone. Embrace the challenge and let the Holy Spirit lead. You may be surprised at the result.

Cleanse me Jesus

Happy Holy Monday.

Jesus goes to the temple overturns tables and cleanses the building. In the background the  chief priests and scribes hear the message and are seeking a way to kill him.

Dear Jesus,
If my body is a temple to your Holy Spirit, please let me treat it that way.
Clear everything from my being that is not of you.
Overturn the tables of greed, anger,hatred, bitterness, jealously and envy that live inside me.
Clear out all unforgiveness, selfishness and pride.
Cleanse me as you cleansed the temple, in your last few days before your death & resurrection.
Put my sights, mind, heart and being on you Jesus & nothing else.
Let me be a house of prayer to you.
Showing love, compassion to all I know and meet.
Thank you Jesus for all you did for me and everyone the first ever Easter and always.
Keep us in your armour.

On reaching Jerusalem, Jesus entered the temple courts and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves, and would not allow anyone to carry merchandise through the temple courts. And as he taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’ ? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’ ” The chief priests and the teachers of the law heard this and began looking for a way to kill him, for they feared him, because the whole crowd was amazed at his teaching. When evening came, Jesus and his disciples went out of the city.

Bless me today

The prompt word for #rethinkcreativelentchallenge today is Bless

Lord Jesus
Bless me today
Refreshing me with your spirit
Letting rain drops of heaven refresh this soul
Pour out your peace
Let me drink of your cup
Refreshing water of life
Seeping into my soul
Change me and renew me
Teach me to love like you
Blessing others on this journey of life
Feeling your presence as I go

God’s promises – we are not alone

Today a close friend is grieving a parent, my daughter is at her shift in the hospital where she works and it feels odd having a verse about a spirit raising Jesus from the dead, when this world is counting the cost of the pandemic in lives.

#Godspromises are true. Nothing can take that away and as both my friend and daughter take comfort in God, they are not alone.

God has left his Holy Spirit, who in essence is God. Do I understand this? No. Do I believe this anyway? Yes. This is faith.

We do not go through any part of life alone. When we accept Jesus this is  God’s promise. God never leaves us, he is in the good the bad and the ugly, God loves us and accepts us wherever we are, whatever the situation.

Dear Father,Son and Holy Spirit 
I thank you that you never leave us.
That you are with us in every circumstance, whether this is good or bad.
Strengthen and bring peace to all that need you today.
May they feel your presence stronger than ever.
Please comfort the grieving,
Bring strength to all who care and look after us.
Bring rest to the exhausted.
Let wisdom be in the hearts of everyone, doing what is right from following the rules, to showing love and kindness to each other.

A prayer for a fresh approach

This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is FRESH. You can join in the fun here:  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

Dear Father God in heaven 

I thank you for each fresh new start every morning.

I pray that your spirit will come afresh in me today.
From the moment I wake to the time to sleep, let me make the most of this day.

Restore hope in our nation and a world that feels broken in a way only you can.

Restore hope and healing to the sick.
Bring peace to the grieving.
Bring Joy to the disillusioned and depressed.

Lord I am but one person.
Show me how to share your light before others in new and fresh ways.

Let me come together with my family in Christ showing unity and bringing your message of hope and light into what feels like a dark world.

Father come today in a fresh new way that I and others cannot ignore, showing your grace love and mercy in a fresh and new way to all we meet along the way virtually or physically.


God’s promises – ask seek knock

What a promise! #Godspromises do not get much better than Matthew 7:7

How many of us really pray and cling to this promise?

This is a promise for this world. This instance, this moment and no other. This promise used to bless one another and not for selfish gain, is life changing and mind blowing.

To me this bible verse from Matthew is the one we need to cling to and claim in the midst of this pandemic. Think of all the things Christians could claim in God’s name if we all stood firm and prayed this verse daily. 

Dear Jesus 

We thank you that Matthew 7:7 are your words and teachings.
Just as we believe in you, we believe your words spoken and all you taught.

Lord Jesus we ask for you to be in our nation. To be alive and come in revival. We ask for stories of love and kindness to shine over the pandemic. For stories of healings and restored relationships. Lord Jesus we have asked we know and believe this is being given to us as we pray. Our hearts and arms are open to receive.

Lord Jesus we seek your wisdom through your Holy Spirit, for us personally and for our governments. In daily decisions doctors and nurses have to make along with all authorities. Let us seek with all out hearts so we find your wisdom abundantly through your Spirit.

Lord Jesus please open the doors in our communities. So we can share your love. Your gospel of peace. Let us encourage, support and build each other up through all your open doors, because once you have opened the door no one can shut it.

We claim these answers through your promise in Matthew 7:7 Jesus. You are our hope. Our deliverer, our all.


Thank you 2020

Dear Jesus
If I could put my thoughts of 2020 to you in a letter or prayer. What would they look like and reflect of 2020

To say it is been a difficult year. Would probably be most people's understatement.
But as I reflect this cold New Years eve morning. I still thank you for every moment.

Lord Jesus you still break chains. Even in a pandemic
Setting people free from all that bound them tight.

I thank you for every tear you wiped.Too many this year to count.The workers on the front line you kept safe, strong and engerised. Who cared and loved each patient COVID or not.

I thank you for the key workers. Who worked to keep us safe, fed, watered and provided for every basic need.
From supermarket workers to delivery drivers keeping us very much sane.

I thank you Lord for workers not recognised.who continually worked without us knowing. Giving us a little bit of normal.I thank you that you are God of provision and that has never once stopped.

I thank you that I have learnt age is just a number.For Captain Tom and all those who raised such large amounts for others. For Marcus Rashford and his love for children so in need.

I thank you for the mindless TV that provided light relief. For the beautiful spring and summer, weather so beautiful to enjoy. For the cold crisp winter and that the real Christmas can never be cancelled.

I thank you for your church. The body not the building. For your church online, still shining. Actions of love over flowing. Your church still far to human showing your grace and living magnificently in this strangest of time.

I thank you for technology that has made 2020 happen. Keeping as many in jobs as can be.

Lord Jesus, I know there is no magic tick of the clock. When 2021 is here nothing much will change.

But I prayer our hearts will be the key. More people giving their lives to you. Building up hope, grace and mercy. Showing love to one another that can only come from heaven.

So Jesus as I thank you for all of 2020, the joy, smiles and breakthroughs that never made it to the news.

I take this opportunity to pray for 2021. I pray you will be in this year, shining brighter than ever. Breaking chains, bringing freedom, healing, repentance and love. Uniting us to you the son. The one that truly understands us and all that we need.