Nation be still

I don’t know if it’s because I live on a island, or because of how I perceive my nation in my heart but this first part of Isaiah really jumped out at me this morning.

The island that I live on
Needs time to be still
For the majority of people are  distracted by the lie
"It's all about money and me, me,me"

Make time for God he is not a myth
Stop making life too busy even in whatever this is.
Lets stop stumbling in the dark
Fingers crossed
This plan works

Let this pandemic make us think
About being still
Looking for more
For light to break through and show the way.

The government and their latest ploy
From five to three
With six inbetween
Numbers and statistics everywhere
It's time to get personal
Reflect and care

In the newsflash of doom and gloom
There is a group of people
On its knees
Praying for healing
Hope and eyes to be opened
Wanting the nation to completely be still

The pandemic these people want to cure
Is hearts that have turned cold and heads that are hard
Revival is needed in this land
To see miracles flowing
Hope floating
Hearts dancing

It is time for this nation
To refresh it's dry bones
To come alive
Open it's eyes
To look beyond the lie
Get on its knees and be still
To give our hearts back to God and turn tears into dancing.

A prayer for when our plans go skew-wiff.

2020 is far from what anyone planned. The rest of the year may not be what we hoped for either, but it has to be what we make it. The attitude and end result will be up to us.

If we can watch the COVID statistics and know a loved one is not there we are blessed. If loved ones who are suffering from other illness are still getting treatment we are thankful. If we have a job, roof over our head and food on the table we are rich.

Dear Jesus,
Our plans for 2020 may not be what we wanted or hoped for.
Some moments have been a little scary.
But as our rock Jesus we stand on you.
We trust the the plans you have for us are for our future.
You are our hope, our peace our joy.
Please bring comfort to the hurting,
Healing to the sick,
Shelter to the homeless,
Food and provision to the hungry.
Remind us that these times of a pandemic are only temporary,
Let us use the time to love and care for each other,
Just as you taught us.
We are not alone, your Holy Spirit is with us,
Protect the mental health of our nation as much as our physical health.
Let us realise these ruined plans of ours,
Are nothing compared to the blessings you have for us in the future.
So help us make the rest of 2020 joyful in our hearts even if it isn't the way we want it to be.

People are not always easy.

Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is people. You can join in the fun here:

People are tricky things. I understand why some people want to lock themselves away with their pets and avoid other people at all costs. People can be mean and nasty.

We need people in our lives. We need doctors and nurses to look after our health. People to collect our rubbish and unblock our drains. To service our boilers and cars. We need people for these things and so much more.

We need people we like to give us a hug and advice when life is tough. We need people to pray for us, support us and encourage us.

Sadly as people we don’t always agree, and let prejudices get in the way. It is hard to love one another when you want to slap them round the face. Sadly true emotions and feelings get in the way. Especially went you feel like your hitting your head against a wall.

God commands us to love one another. It’s not a love one another when your playing nice, or their hot, cute or being kind. It is a down right let’s get dirty love. We have to love one another when people people hurt us, challenge us and want to fight us in the trenches.

Loving people is far from easy. It’s something I am not always good at. But when I struggle to love others, I give it to God. Sometimes it is easier than other times. I ask God to bless them and remind myself how I kept Jesus nailed to the cross and ask for peace and vison to see the truth.

It may take time it isn’t always instantaneous. I may never see the truth but as peace falls, anger fades and clarity appears. God takes control.

God doesn’t give up on me, I can’t give up on people who I don’t agree with. God’s will always prevails