God still works in the bleak seasons

I go into the conservatory because it is light and bright. It can also be cold and chilling to the bones in the winter months.

I can hear the birds more from here. A chorus that rivals no other. Glimpses of them feeding from their feeder. The brave coming out to fly over head, the bright blue sky for a background.

Even amid the houses and gardens, a small part of God’s beauty is to be seen.

The icy frost glittering off shed roofs, fence tops and cars, making spider web patterns on the grass.

The loney Christmas rose bringing flowering beauty to a bleak limbo.

Shrubs and trees a mixture of greenery and twigs. Sheltering hibernating animals keeping them cosy and warm.

This time between Christmas and New year, when we wrap up warm and snuggle indoors. God’s beauty is still with us in the sunset and sunrise.

From cold morning frost to clear dark nights twinkling their starlights.

Just as our bleak year of 2020 comes to an end, God works his nature under the ground preparing for his next season.

It there may not feel like much to appreciate in this pandemic. But every loved one still with us, healthy and well. For those still with jobs count your blessings not woes.

For those in a dark place, do not let it overflow. Take heart that God is still in this place. God is using this time like the season. To plan and create a new spring. In you and on this earth. Bringing forth new blooms and flowers in the season. 

Let God bring you peace in this season of winter pandemic. Stay strong in hope and peace as God works in us under the surface planting new bulbs and flowers in our hearts ready for the next season.

An Over thinker in 2020

2020 is not a great year 
If your prone to overthinking
Too many what if's
Possibilities galore

I could do this
I could do that
What if this happens
What if it doesn't

I could catch something
But that doesn't that matter
I could pass on COVID
That is more concerning

One day why bother
The world doesn't care
The next day
Stay calm nothing can harm

I can't even think about my mask,
OCD of washing my hands
Is eating away
As my skin slowly rubs away

Where I can and cannot go
Only the government know
But deciphering the answer
You need a degree in elocution lessons

Should I go out
Staying in is fine
Why do I need zoom
My garden is fine

Meeting people is hard
Being isolated alone
Anti social is good
As nights become cold

It's lonely in autumn
Collecting golden leaves
Waiting for summer
Wishing the year away

But winter is fun
Christmas will come
I need to stop thinking
And let life carry on.

Nation be still

I don’t know if it’s because I live on a island, or because of how I perceive my nation in my heart but this first part of Isaiah really jumped out at me this morning.

The island that I live on
Needs time to be still
For the majority of people areĀ  distracted by the lie
"It's all about money and me, me,me"

Make time for God he is not a myth
Stop making life too busy even in whatever this is.
Lets stop stumbling in the dark
Fingers crossed
This plan works

Let this pandemic make us think
About being still
Looking for more
For light to break through and show the way.

The government and their latest ploy
From five to three
With six inbetween
Numbers and statistics everywhere
It's time to get personal
Reflect and care

In the newsflash of doom and gloom
There is a group of people
On its knees
Praying for healing
Hope and eyes to be opened
Wanting the nation to completely be still

The pandemic these people want to cure
Is hearts that have turned cold and heads that are hard
Revival is needed in this land
To see miracles flowing
Hope floating
Hearts dancing

It is time for this nation
To refresh it's dry bones
To come alive
Open it's eyes
To look beyond the lie
Get on its knees and be still
To give our hearts back to God and turn tears into dancing.

A prayer for when our plans go skew-wiff.

2020 is far from what anyone planned. The rest of the year may not be what we hoped for either, but it has to be what we make it. The attitude and end result will be up to us.

If we can watch the COVID statistics and know a loved one is not there we are blessed. If loved ones who are suffering from other illness are still getting treatment we are thankful. If we have a job, roof over our head and food on the table we are rich.

Dear Jesus,
Our plans for 2020 may not be what we wanted or hoped for.
Some moments have been a little scary.
But as our rock Jesus we stand on you.
We trust the the plans you have for us are for our future.
You are our hope, our peace our joy.
Please bring comfort to the hurting,
Healing to the sick,
Shelter to the homeless,
Food and provision to the hungry.
Remind us that these times of a pandemic are only temporary,
Let us use the time to love and care for each other,
Just as you taught us.
We are not alone, your Holy Spirit is with us,
Protect the mental health of our nation as much as our physical health.
Let us realise these ruined plans of ours,
Are nothing compared to the blessings you have for us in the future.
So help us make the rest of 2020 joyful in our hearts even if it isn't the way we want it to be.

Hope and joy, no dry bones.

Listening to the news it's hard to to see the joy,
Self employed with no income,
Redundancies becoming abundant

A pandemic is still real,
People getting sick
A virus that shouldn't exist,
Taking too many lives.

People already sick,
Not getting the treatment they need,
The grieving not being able, to say goodbye to loved ones,
Mourners at a graveside not allowed to hug.

Nurses exhausted, a country on its knees,
The government trying to do its best while sleeping comfortably in their beds.

It's hard to see the joy,
A hope, an end in sight.
When will our country realise,
It's not about us?

It's about a God that is real,
That wants to heal each breaking heart.
A God that is next to you,
Waiting to be seen.

A God that won't let our spirits be crushed,
A God that understands grief.
A God that sent his Son to die,
So that we can live.

If your unsure,
You may or may not believe,
struggling in a pandemic,
with hearts and bones drying up.

Try calling out to God today,
Accept his Son loves you to the cross and back.
Ask for joy and hope today
I think your be surprised
At the answer you will get.