An Over thinker in 2020

2020 is not a great year 
If your prone to overthinking
Too many what if's
Possibilities galore

I could do this
I could do that
What if this happens
What if it doesn't

I could catch something
But that doesn't that matter
I could pass on COVID
That is more concerning

One day why bother
The world doesn't care
The next day
Stay calm nothing can harm

I can't even think about my mask,
OCD of washing my hands
Is eating away
As my skin slowly rubs away

Where I can and cannot go
Only the government know
But deciphering the answer
You need a degree in elocution lessons

Should I go out
Staying in is fine
Why do I need zoom
My garden is fine

Meeting people is hard
Being isolated alone
Anti social is good
As nights become cold

It's lonely in autumn
Collecting golden leaves
Waiting for summer
Wishing the year away

But winter is fun
Christmas will come
I need to stop thinking
And let life carry on.