God’s promises – there is always light

When God lives in us, his #Godspromise is that he lightens our loads and lights our way. Even in these dark days of a pandemic God is our lamp of hope, support, strength and so much more. 
The lamp of our soul

Darkness may be all around
But that won't bother us
A light is burning
Bright inside
Being comfort peace and hope

This light in the darkest hours
Is brighter than the sun
Holding our hands
Trusting in the only one

This light brings sunshine
Days of happiness
And blessings
Rainbows in the sky

In this light
As he shares our darkness
He also shares the blessings
Each one to be treasure
Refining who we are

The light is so unique
As individual as us
Designed for us
Tailored for our need

This light
The Spirit from our God
Holy one
Shining brighter than the sun

To choose this light
Is yours to make
Just ask the Lord
And believe
Jesus is the Christ

This light will
Never leave you
Once you accept it in
Never dimming
Only getting brighter

Let this light
Bring you all you need today
Whatever that may be
Just be still
God will light the way

The unexpected diary entry

Day 20 already of #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is unexpected. I pray people will be gracious and forgiving with me on this post as I let my imagination run.

Dear Diary, March 1BC

Seriously I am unexpectedly calm but at the same time all over the place!


It all started so normally. Just another day in my life.

I got up and did all my normal things. Got washed, dressed, did my chores and of course was day dreaming about my guy Joe. Joe and I are getting married. I know he will understand and be just as excited as me 😊😍

I was in my room, just having some quiet time with God. Praying, reading scripture. I do this everyday.

SUDDENLY there was this bright bright light encompassing me and a strange man in my room! He even called me by name. Hello Mary he said.

My heart was racing, and I was obviously looking scared and visibly trembling as he told me not to be afraid.

There was something about his voice. A calmness which had an authority about it. He called me favoured one. He said he was a messenger of God. He even had a name Gabriel.

As I calmed I could see this was not a man, he had wings and was oozing gold and light. I remember feeling my trembling stopping, my heart beat returning to normal, almost being back in my body. It’s strange what you notice and remember in the midst of things.

Gabriel his voice smooth beautifully musical brought me a message. A message from God no less! WOAH WOW WOAH!. Me not Molly or Joanna or Grace, ME! Not sure how much they will believe me either when I tell them next girls night in.

Ok now here is where it gets really surreal! This Angel has casually rocked up in my quiet time with the bomb shell of all bomb shells.

Gabriel is telling me I AM PREGNANT with GODS CHILD no less. !!!! Being the girl I am I did politely point out this is impossible.

Gabriel not even blinking at the impossible and I’m sure he would of wanted to huff! This is God’s son, conceived of the Spirit. The long awaited messiah. God’s chosen one.

I have read the scriptures but me. We have been waiting for this moment for hundreds of years. But me. A normal everyday girl. Wow wow wow.

Gabriel must be reading my mind. Before I get to utter a word. He tells me, my cousin Elizabeth is also with child. My being cannot argue and the Spirit helps me accept and understand. God’s presents completely takes over.

I am at peace, favoured, let it be is all I can say.

The light suddenly gone along with my angel. But a presence so strong not gone. Prayer, praise and worship flow out from my soul. Time to think and reflect.

Having time to digest and reflect to Elizabeth’s I must go. Some thing tells me she will understand.


Day 17 #wonderfulladvent and the word prompt is light.

Standing in the void
Goosebumps rising
Pitch black
Emotions empty

A spark
A flash
A flicker in the distance
A flame
A light twinkling
Getting brighter
Warmth enters in
Emotions enter
The light taking over your soul

A hand
A smile
A hope
A baby born at Christmas time