Just embrace where you are.

It’s time to stop making excuses & embrace where we are in life.

God made us all uniquely. We can’t compare ourselves or our circumstances to any one else.

We are UNIQUE, AMAZING, LOVED, CHERISHED just for being us. Isn’t it time we embraced that.

When things don’t work out the way we want. Is God trying to get our attention? When life isn’t feeling fair where are our eyes? On ourselves or God?

We have all been in circumstances where we can’t see clearly in the moment. If you look back to each of those moments you can see God pouring out love, peace, joy, forgiveness, restoration, transformation, provision & freedom. The the list goes on.

Our circumstances do not stop us doing God’s unique job he designed us for. We may not even know what it is. But we are all called to a great commission. All we need is Jesus.

I will never be a worship leader unless it is a choir of cats! I will probably never publish a book. I will never be a millionaire. Who cares? I have my little blog. However out of tune my worship is, God is listening to my heart and intent. I have food on the table, a roof over my head & a flushing loo! I am blessed.

Whatever your present circumstances, embrace them. Whether this is just to be still & listen or if you are called for action. Embrace it & let God lead.

And do not forget you are fearfully & wonderfully made & let your soul sing of this.

Taking the strain

Day 10 of #wonderfulladvent and the word is yoke.

Yoke what a word!

As a Christian when you hear the yoke you always quote Matthew 28.

To be honest though I have never known what Jesus meant by my yoke is easy. All I know is that Jesus wasn’t taking about eggs!

So to be honest and admit my lack of education through the power of Google I looked up yoke.

A yoke is a piece of wood that is fastened like a collar over the necks of 2 animals attached to a plough or cart for pulling.

Reflecting on this rightly or wrongly I like to think that the yoke is taking the strain of the plough or cart and making it easier for the animals to pull.

So when Jesus is saying his yoke is easy and his burden light, I have totally rethought this, instead of sweeping over the verse.

Jesus is saying I am attached to you. We are side by side. As we walk through life and our struggles, together with Jesus we are attached by our yoke and Jesus is carrying the strain with us making our burden light.

Dear Jesus 
Thank you that your attached to us
You walk beside us and never leave us
You take our burdens and struggles and all the strain
We are never alone

Cancelled sin not canelled 2020

This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is Cancel. You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

Walking in the muddy puddles of life
At times is most appealing
Splashing in the dirt and grime
Spreading my sin around

In the darkness
Of that cold word
Just one more drink
I'm not forgiving them
Why would I do that

But the day the rainclouds of heaven opened up
And Jesus entered in
He melted a heart so cold
And asks you child why the frown

My cross has set you free
I cancelled your every sin
Every word of hate
Act of disobedience has been washed away

So let my Holy Spirit in today
And cancel all the dark clouds
That are holding on to you
Let sunshine enter so you will shine
And never look behind.

Not my best but hey it’s Friday and 5 minutes! God cancelled every sin when we accepted Jesus as king. What more can a girl want!

Photo: Owlbeech woods last weekend.

Disappointed with God?

This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is disappoint. You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

Can I be disappointed
With you Holy God
If things don't go my way

Do I struggle and question
Why does it have to be this way?

In the heat of emotional stress
I can feel abandoned
Not understanding
That you know what is best

Hindsight is amazing
And if I took the time
To see as you do
Take in the bigger picture

Act the way you taught me
Be loving
Accepting and kind
And do not spurt out
What is in my mind

Yes I get disappointed
Upset and lose the plot
Grumpy and nasty
If things do not go my way

But remind me constantly
Disappointment is just an emotion
Like love and hate
linked to selfishness

You have taught me time again
That you love me
And know me best

And in my disappointment
It is always for the best
For your keeping me on the right track
As you know me best.

The photo is the view from a cousin’s garden. I am jealous! I added the bible verse and keep it as my screen saver on my phone. It reminds me God’s timing isn’t the same as mine but at the right time God will breakthrough.


This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is breathe. You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

I originally wrote and published this in September last year when as a family we were going through some challenges. God is good and we are over that now. When I saw the prompt word for FMF today. I thought of this and decided to reblog.


Breathe in slowly                                

Feel your rib cage rise
Close your eyes
Breathe out

Open your eyes
You can do this

Heaven is sending it’s Angels
Stand firm, your rock is with you
Take his hand

Close your eyes
The arrows won’t hit you
Fear can’t touch you

Stand firm squeeze his hand tighter
Look doubt in the eyes and say Hallelujah
Say it clearly do not quake
Say it louder

The enemy is circling
Raise your arms
Sing louder

Let your rock hold you
Let every drop of his precious blood free you

Let it soak into your being
Release your doubt stand firm in his promises
Relief is coming

Look at the vast army fighting for you
Remember the promises
Let your praise rise

You are loved
You are worth the fight

Your rock is with you
The battle may be raging but the war is over
It is finished
Nothing more can be done

Stand firm in his promises
Trample on the doubt
Sing louder
Stand strong
Fear is gone

Let peace rise
Let joy burn within
Let hope have control

God is with you
God will never leave you

He leads me beside still waters.

Praise the Lord it is finished.

On another trip up the M23 to visit our oldest, my husband commented that roadworks on the M23 are now over and it is a fully smart motorway. In true Christian fashion I responded with “Praise the Lord it is finished”

I then paused and started thinking of what Jesus said at the end. “It is finished.”

This made me put my words into context and what I really should be praising the Lord for. Yes I am happy we are no longer weaving out of cones and speed limit restrictions. But there is something far more lasting and meaning in what Jesus said, and I should be praising the Lord because once Jesus died for you and me, it truly was finished and nothing can ever change that.

As I write this I ponder what “It is finished” truly means.

When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

John 19:30

I do praise the Lord God loudly and thankfully because he sent is only child to die for all my sin, wrong doing and nasties. God did this because he knows I can’t follow rules and not always on purpose still mess up and cause hurt and heartache to other’s and God himself.

In moments of weakness I still sin.

Because of Jesus I have an eternal live with him long after I leave this world.

Because of Jesus I am free in this world of fear, doubt, hatred, anger, jealousy, anxiety, stress and much more. It isn’t always easy to let these things go, but the Holy Spirit is with us to help guide and keep us on track.

It is finished because nothing can take that away. Absolutely nothing.

I praise the Lord that it is finished. The moment I accepted Jesus and he saved me. Hallelujah Amen.

Photo copyright New Civil Engineer.

A prayer not to just make it through Monday.

I constantly seem to wish my life away to the weekend. Monday I normally label “make it through Monday”. But life shouldn’t be about making it through the day. It should be about living, embracing life and dropping the labels. My Monday today isn’t defined by making it through the day.

Dear Jesus,
I have already woken up feeling like I just need to make it through Monday.
This is not right and I don't want to wish my life away.
The news is doom and gloom,
My energy levels low.
Before my day starts, let me take rest in you.
Restore me,renew me, refresh me.
Bless me with joy,
Give me energy, passion,
And a heart for you.
Let my day be led by you.
Help me to share your love today,
Spread your joy and enjoy my day.
Work,play and family time,
Let it all be to glorify you.

Coulda doesn’t define you.

Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is Could. You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow.

I could of been a doctor, lawyer or teacher,
If I only tried harder at school,
I could of been a pastor, minister or missionary,
If I decided bible school was my thing.
I could be 6ft tall if nature didn't have it's way,
4ft 11" is good enough for me.
I could of been rich if I had that one idea,
An entrepreneur, celebrity or more.

But coulda, shoulda, woulda is only a mindset,
I am rich in ways beyond this world,
I have health and family,
And most importantly,
a God that loves me so.

My identity is in Christ,
And nothing else.
I am defined by Jesus not anything else.
Could does not exist in a person of love and forgiveness. 
I am who I am,
Faults and all,
Created to love and share Jesus to all.
I could be anything in this world,
But I chose to follow Jesus,
And do best I can do,
to show his love, grace and mercy along the way,
Spreading the gospel in every way.

Don’t let autumn steal your joy.

Whatever normal is, it still isn’t here. Stuck in a pandemic with a new season approaching. COVID has made the year go fast and it won’t stop the year changing seasons. So for people like me who love summer and can feel it slipping away here is a poem to help us cling to joy.

It's only late summer,
August not quite ended.
So why am I letting it bother me so?
Stealing my joy with autumn pending.

The nights are getting longer,
The daylight hours shorter.
Counting down to the shortest day,
Instead of making the most of the sun,
And all the fun it brings.

Leaves are turning golden brown,
And falling all around.
The summer heat fading fast,
Faithful when in need.

There is no reason I should feel this way,
Doom and depression,
try seeping into cracks.

Seasons come and seasons go,
But my God remains the same.
So faithful,providing joy,
My strength,my hope,my all.

Whatever the season,
Jesus fill me with your joy.
Let the dark fade to dust,
And light shine all around.

Let the reds,golds and browns of autumn leaves sparkle,
Let them crack and snap as we snuggle and jump on them.

May the crisp air bring the stars,
Lights leading us home,
As we countdown to Christmas,
Celebrating your birth.

Summer,autumn,spring And winter,
Jesus your our only king,
With us every day, helping us find the way,
And providing limitless joy.

A prayer for mercy in adversity

Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is Mercy You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow.

mercy – noun – compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.

I am not going lie or sugar coat things but being a Christian is hard. There are times when situations of the world take control and following God’s will is hard. But we need to lean on him in those times to keep our minds and hearts on track. God is full of mercy and we have to be too, however hard that is.

Lord forgive me as I am not feeling merciful today,
This is wrong and not of you.
I repent for my feelings but they are struggling to go away.
I am left feeling victimised, discriminated against.
Give me a heart of love,
Full of mercy and forgiveness,
To everyone around me no matter what their actions.
Let my actions today be from you, mirroring yours on earth.
Let me stand firm in your teachings,
Filled with your Spirit knowing whatever is going on all around that is nothing compared to losing you.
Keep me in your armour and fill me with the fruit of your spirit,
And let me show mercy to others as you have shown to me,
Let your cross be the picture I carry today.