Come Follow him

Friday prompt word is ONCE. You can join in the fun here:  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

Come Follow me

Follow me he said
There was no time to second guess
Or to debate down the pub
No Alpha course to attend
Or time for over thinking in their heads

Follow me he said
But did they know the cost
The lessons they would learn
The miracles they would perform
All in Jesus name

Follow me he said
Leaving wives behind
Not knowing the adventures
Laughter,tears and death
As they followed their saviour
To that cross

Follow me he said
As they didn't understand
The grieving that would come
Not knowing 3 days later
Victory was won

Follow me he said
Before the stone was rolled away
Not knowing what we know now
The glory, love and tenderness
The act of love to follow

Follow me he said
With no time to think
Jesus in person asking them
Not fully answering yet
They left at once and followed him

Follow me he still says today
Will you come with me
Dropping all our nets at once
Knowing what we know
At once we should go

If do not know Jesus but are curious, check out Alpha

God’s promises – we have a future hope

Jesus is our hope. #Godspromises that we have a hope and a future and we will not be cut of from this.  When we accept Jesus as our saviour our hope is not in man or our strength. Our hope and future in in Christ alone.

Sometimes when hope gets wobbled. In  the sad and troublesome times. We just need to remember Jesus went through the heartbreak of losing friends and temptation, he understands. What better person to put our hope in.

Our hope in such odd times 
With a pandemic raging on
Still comes from our God alone
The only holy one

A hope that promises a future
That the craziness will finish
Healing will creep in
Of body, mind and soul

The world isn't over
Even with so many tears shed
Counting the cost in lives
Saying too many goodbyes

Even in the heartbreak
When we feel life should stand still
We trust in our God
Knowing this is not the end

For our future is in God's hands
He has told us so
He promises us a future
We can never been cut off from

Our hope for better times to return
For the pandemic to end
Is already fulfilled and not cut off
For all God's promises are true

This promise no exception
We just need to be still
Put our faith in God above
Our hope, healer and restorer

God’s promises – he never leaves us

Today I really am feeling a shift. I feel God moving again. God is always my rock but for months he has felt still, motionless even though I know he is still very much alive.

#Godspromises and answer to prayer for others are really lifting my spirits. We may all still be lockdown in our homes but God doesn’t just go with us on outside journeys. God is with us in the emotional, internal and physical battles. God never leaves us.

You never leave us
You are always by our side
In us
Carrying the Spirit of God
Taking every step of life with us
We may not be able to go outside
Be locked in our homes
But we are all still on a journey
Of heart and minds
You haven't left us
Your still making us bold
Courageous and tackling fear
Keeping us bold
And giving us new opportunities
With a new creativity
That only comes from you
Thank you that
You are our strong foundation
Never leaving our side.

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

Hope is alive

Dear Jesus

You are my hope
Nothing more
The world bringing it's story
Of doom and gloom
Life feeling like it's cheap
Where the only choice is economic fate
Death and depression

But my hope and firm foundation
Is the saviour
Who rose from the dead
Who today still brings life
Accepting us individually
Who doesn't count statistics
Spread fear
Or pigeon hole
You to him are special
So worth dying for

You are worth more
Than a tsunami of pandemic
Your not a post code lottery
Or part of a chain reaction
You are not a slave
BUT loved
Not as a captive or a slave
But free and alive

In these times of yet another lockdown
When winter months are stark
And missing loves ones is hard
Stand firm
In the one
Whose only message is love
The one that is our hope

Look for the miracles
In the darkness
Stories that only shine love
Hope and encouragment
Spreading joy
Covering the fear
There is still so much good
If only we open our eyes
Trusting in the one
Who died to bring us life.

Thank you 2020

Dear Jesus
If I could put my thoughts of 2020 to you in a letter or prayer. What would they look like and reflect of 2020

To say it is been a difficult year. Would probably be most people's understatement.
But as I reflect this cold New Years eve morning. I still thank you for every moment.

Lord Jesus you still break chains. Even in a pandemic
Setting people free from all that bound them tight.

I thank you for every tear you wiped.Too many this year to count.The workers on the front line you kept safe, strong and engerised. Who cared and loved each patient COVID or not.

I thank you for the key workers. Who worked to keep us safe, fed, watered and provided for every basic need.
From supermarket workers to delivery drivers keeping us very much sane.

I thank you Lord for workers not recognised.who continually worked without us knowing. Giving us a little bit of normal.I thank you that you are God of provision and that has never once stopped.

I thank you that I have learnt age is just a number.For Captain Tom and all those who raised such large amounts for others. For Marcus Rashford and his love for children so in need.

I thank you for the mindless TV that provided light relief. For the beautiful spring and summer, weather so beautiful to enjoy. For the cold crisp winter and that the real Christmas can never be cancelled.

I thank you for your church. The body not the building. For your church online, still shining. Actions of love over flowing. Your church still far to human showing your grace and living magnificently in this strangest of time.

I thank you for technology that has made 2020 happen. Keeping as many in jobs as can be.

Lord Jesus, I know there is no magic tick of the clock. When 2021 is here nothing much will change.

But I prayer our hearts will be the key. More people giving their lives to you. Building up hope, grace and mercy. Showing love to one another that can only come from heaven.

So Jesus as I thank you for all of 2020, the joy, smiles and breakthroughs that never made it to the news.

I take this opportunity to pray for 2021. I pray you will be in this year, shining brighter than ever. Breaking chains, bringing freedom, healing, repentance and love. Uniting us to you the son. The one that truly understands us and all that we need.


Jesus isn’t just for Christmas

Christmas isn't over
It is in us all year round
Epiphany still to come
Along with a new year

2020 will go down in history
Described by just one word
2021 can still bring more
But hope is what we aim for

Our hope is the baby
Whose birth we are still celebrating
A child that grows to an innocent man
Mis-convicted for our sin

This murdered man named Jesus
Didn't stay dead long
He rose again from his fight
Resurrection, bringing new life

Jesus doesn't leave us
Through his spirit he is with us
Wiping tears, holding us tight
In the dark times shining light

Whatever 2021 holds
One thing remains the same
Jesus our rock, our anchor
Today, tomorrow forever, whatever the day

Celebrating Christ’s birth

Day 24 of #wonderfulladvent and the word prompt is birth

Thank you to everyone that has followed this advent journey with me. God bless you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas. Stay safe x

It's time to celebrate 
The birth of the child
Born in a stable
Long time ago
He came to be born
To a young virgin
The impossible made possible

The birth of a child
Born for you and me
The baby not gone
Or disappeared
Very much still with us
If we let his spirit
Reside in us

Imagine becoming parents
To the promised one
Taking responsibility
For God's only son
Or full of confidence
Finding such favour chosen as mum

Mum Mary treasuring events
Visitors and presents
Storing hope
Waiting for the future

As we wait this Christmas time
Locked down
In such unusual times
Reflect and consider
The true meaning of Christmas
It's not Santamas
Or St.Nickmas
But Christmas
Celebrating our Christ.

Tier 4 to Adore

Day 23 #wonderfulladvent and the word is adore

Not going to lie. I didn’t think I was going to be able to write anything today. My mind was under attack. Then my spirit when I heard that where I live in the UK we will be going into tier 4 Boxing day. Although not unexpected.

In this moment of darkness I was wondering how I can possibly write anything about adore without sounding half hearted, niche or preachy. But does it matter if I do?

Isn’t the point of Jesus to adore, love and trust him in all the surrounding darkness as well as the joyful times. To ask Jesus to remove the darkness.

When I am struggling I tend to listen to worship music as I find it the most uplifting thing when I sing along or let it sink in.


Jesus the night you were born
The angles flew down from heaven
To shepherds below
Singing adoration to you
In the brightness of sight
Go worship the king they said
Not in a palace
With a crown on his head
But in a stable
A child just like you
Making himself human
To understand as we do
To have a closeness
Knowing all we go through
So worship and adore the baby at Christmas time
Beyond into the new year
And never let go
For as we adore Jesus
He seeps into our bones
Bringing joy peace and miracles all the year round.

Reveal yourself – a prayer

Day 21 and the word prompt for #wonderfulladvent is reveal.

Dear Jesus 
I am struggling to pray.
There is so much I want to say.
You asked the most sacred one if you could leave heaven and come to Earth.
You didn't do this for selfish ambition or fame.
You did this because you love us and want us in eternity with you more than anything.
My heart is breaking this Christmas Jesus.
People are living in the dark.
Fear, disillusion, depair seem to be the fuel.
Lord Jesus please reveal yourself this year to a nation and world suffocating in darkness.
We long to see your truth revealed to a nation full of dry bones.
Hope and joy that only flows from you restored
To hearts so fervently against you softened with eyes and ears opened to the reality of a saviour born in a stable.

The unexpected diary entry

Day 20 already of #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is unexpected. I pray people will be gracious and forgiving with me on this post as I let my imagination run.

Dear Diary, March 1BC

Seriously I am unexpectedly calm but at the same time all over the place!


It all started so normally. Just another day in my life.

I got up and did all my normal things. Got washed, dressed, did my chores and of course was day dreaming about my guy Joe. Joe and I are getting married. I know he will understand and be just as excited as me 😊😍

I was in my room, just having some quiet time with God. Praying, reading scripture. I do this everyday.

SUDDENLY there was this bright bright light encompassing me and a strange man in my room! He even called me by name. Hello Mary he said.

My heart was racing, and I was obviously looking scared and visibly trembling as he told me not to be afraid.

There was something about his voice. A calmness which had an authority about it. He called me favoured one. He said he was a messenger of God. He even had a name Gabriel.

As I calmed I could see this was not a man, he had wings and was oozing gold and light. I remember feeling my trembling stopping, my heart beat returning to normal, almost being back in my body. It’s strange what you notice and remember in the midst of things.

Gabriel his voice smooth beautifully musical brought me a message. A message from God no less! WOAH WOW WOAH!. Me not Molly or Joanna or Grace, ME! Not sure how much they will believe me either when I tell them next girls night in.

Ok now here is where it gets really surreal! This Angel has casually rocked up in my quiet time with the bomb shell of all bomb shells.

Gabriel is telling me I AM PREGNANT with GODS CHILD no less. !!!! Being the girl I am I did politely point out this is impossible.

Gabriel not even blinking at the impossible and I’m sure he would of wanted to huff! This is God’s son, conceived of the Spirit. The long awaited messiah. God’s chosen one.

I have read the scriptures but me. We have been waiting for this moment for hundreds of years. But me. A normal everyday girl. Wow wow wow.

Gabriel must be reading my mind. Before I get to utter a word. He tells me, my cousin Elizabeth is also with child. My being cannot argue and the Spirit helps me accept and understand. God’s presents completely takes over.

I am at peace, favoured, let it be is all I can say.

The light suddenly gone along with my angel. But a presence so strong not gone. Prayer, praise and worship flow out from my soul. Time to think and reflect.

Having time to digest and reflect to Elizabeth’s I must go. Some thing tells me she will understand.