Patience is not my thing

Patience is far from my strong point. The nuts of not wanting to wait. Wanting an end to all problems instantly I desire. I need to learn to rejoice in hope that my answer is already here. God’s timing is perfect, mine is normally hurry up please!

My hope is in you alone Jesus
However hard I try
Patience is not my thing
Why can't I have it now I cry
As doubt finds a way in
Eyes get diverted
My head starts to spin

Patience is what I need I pray
Learning to be still
Why is it so hard I grumble 
But is hardship really here
Just a loss of creature comforts
My self pity needs to go
The Holy Spirit needs to enter in

With words of praise and worship
Nuts of lies and impatience
Run and disappear
Hope And patience reign
As the Spirit is allowed to soar
God is able to step in
Bringing miracles and glory galore

So whatever your waiting for
Keep your eyes on God above
Let Jesus take your hand
As the Holy Spirit leads
Let praise part from your lips
Peace and joy surround
And everything is well

No new heroes needed for 2022

Over the holidays I watched the new James Bond movie. No spoilers, but as the end leaves things wide open, it got me thinking. Does the world really need another hero?

We may all be heroes in our own way, helping and saving individuals in distress but when it comes to saving the world we already have the hero we need.


Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever. We need nothing else.

As we start 2022 and look forward to a more hopeful and better year ahead. Are we looking for a person to save us from everything we are running from in 2021?

That person is here. The issue is people mock and turn their backs from him because their answer from him doesn’t match their own!

Instead of looking to your own powers, fantasies or the government to complete your 2022 dreams, look to the baby whose birth we have just celebrated.

Life is never promised to be easy. But we are promised that we do not have to be a victim of our circumstances. In Jesus we have a hero that frees us from shame, fear, poverty, addiction, sickness and much much more if we just let him in.

If it is the only thing you do in 2022, make sure you search, ask, seek and commit to the only hero the world needs, Jesus. The transformation will be life changing and possibly world changing!

On the silver screen
Heroes are plenty
Saving the world
With imaginary powers

In reality
Our hero does exist
But many prefer imaginary ones
Not wanting to believe

The hero already exists
We need no other
A supernatural being
Who has already saved the world

To be saved
All you have to do
Is accept Jesus
And live for him each day

There is no other hero
No more are required
Just the son
Who became one of us

The hero who loves us so
Takes away all sin
No shame in us
Just freedom

Our hero has set us free
To live in joy,
Peace and hope
Each and every day

God’s promises – we have a future hope

Jesus is our hope. #Godspromises that we have a hope and a future and we will not be cut of from this.  When we accept Jesus as our saviour our hope is not in man or our strength. Our hope and future in in Christ alone.

Sometimes when hope gets wobbled. In  the sad and troublesome times. We just need to remember Jesus went through the heartbreak of losing friends and temptation, he understands. What better person to put our hope in.

Our hope in such odd times 
With a pandemic raging on
Still comes from our God alone
The only holy one

A hope that promises a future
That the craziness will finish
Healing will creep in
Of body, mind and soul

The world isn't over
Even with so many tears shed
Counting the cost in lives
Saying too many goodbyes

Even in the heartbreak
When we feel life should stand still
We trust in our God
Knowing this is not the end

For our future is in God's hands
He has told us so
He promises us a future
We can never been cut off from

Our hope for better times to return
For the pandemic to end
Is already fulfilled and not cut off
For all God's promises are true

This promise no exception
We just need to be still
Put our faith in God above
Our hope, healer and restorer

God’s promises – there is always light

When God lives in us, his #Godspromise is that he lightens our loads and lights our way. Even in these dark days of a pandemic God is our lamp of hope, support, strength and so much more. 
The lamp of our soul

Darkness may be all around
But that won't bother us
A light is burning
Bright inside
Being comfort peace and hope

This light in the darkest hours
Is brighter than the sun
Holding our hands
Trusting in the only one

This light brings sunshine
Days of happiness
And blessings
Rainbows in the sky

In this light
As he shares our darkness
He also shares the blessings
Each one to be treasure
Refining who we are

The light is so unique
As individual as us
Designed for us
Tailored for our need

This light
The Spirit from our God
Holy one
Shining brighter than the sun

To choose this light
Is yours to make
Just ask the Lord
And believe
Jesus is the Christ

This light will
Never leave you
Once you accept it in
Never dimming
Only getting brighter

Let this light
Bring you all you need today
Whatever that may be
Just be still
God will light the way

God’s promises – peace and restoration

Psalm 23. How many of us recite these 2 lines when life is being life.

#Godspromises of restoring and peace. He leads me beside still waters he restores my soul.

The waters are still 
So peaceful and quiet
Next to a field of green
You say rest my child
Be still
Don't think
Just breath in and out

Let my spirit come
It will rest in you
Restoring all the calm
Taking the mess
Of heart
Of mind
Clarity shining through

Your soul so weary
The rest will help
Lay down and enjoy
Scenery all around
Lose the weary
Be energised
Refreshed hope restored

The worries all gone
Peace is restored
Your body and mind
Fully recovered
Holy Spirit
Soul refreshed
Just trust in the Lord today

God’s promises – brokenhearts healed

It is difficult in a world that feels cracked and fragile before it breaks but we have to have the joy, positivity & hope of #Godspromises

Even in heartbreak there has to be hope and compassion. We can’t let bitterness and lies take over. We need to look for joy and compassion, however hard and however much we do not want to.

Our world feels broken
There is barely a person not grieving
Whether from the virus
Or what might of been
Broken relationships
Or what comes next

You have to be our hope
There is no other person
That heals our hearts and wipes our tears
You are healing heartbroken hearts individually
Bringing unity to this nation

Stir up in our hearts
Compassion hope and love
By your spirit
Bring your peace
Healing and forgiveness
Restoring all that feels lost
As the only person that can

God’s promises – ask seek knock

What a promise! #Godspromises do not get much better than Matthew 7:7

How many of us really pray and cling to this promise?

This is a promise for this world. This instance, this moment and no other. This promise used to bless one another and not for selfish gain, is life changing and mind blowing.

To me this bible verse from Matthew is the one we need to cling to and claim in the midst of this pandemic. Think of all the things Christians could claim in God’s name if we all stood firm and prayed this verse daily. 

Dear Jesus 

We thank you that Matthew 7:7 are your words and teachings.
Just as we believe in you, we believe your words spoken and all you taught.

Lord Jesus we ask for you to be in our nation. To be alive and come in revival. We ask for stories of love and kindness to shine over the pandemic. For stories of healings and restored relationships. Lord Jesus we have asked we know and believe this is being given to us as we pray. Our hearts and arms are open to receive.

Lord Jesus we seek your wisdom through your Holy Spirit, for us personally and for our governments. In daily decisions doctors and nurses have to make along with all authorities. Let us seek with all out hearts so we find your wisdom abundantly through your Spirit.

Lord Jesus please open the doors in our communities. So we can share your love. Your gospel of peace. Let us encourage, support and build each other up through all your open doors, because once you have opened the door no one can shut it.

We claim these answers through your promise in Matthew 7:7 Jesus. You are our hope. Our deliverer, our all.


Promises of God – life eternal

January is depressing. Even if you take COVID away, it is tough. I miss Christmas and the time I made to reflect on the nativity.

I have decided in the cold of winter and another lockdown that it is time to start looking towards hope.

The only place I know where to find true hope is through my Christian faith. So I have decided to start reflecting on God’s promises until lent.

God has so many promises and I think it would take me all year to find them,  let alone put them in order. So all my choices over the coming days and weeks will be random.

When I think of God’s promises I think of rainbows. Rainbows have many meanings and symbolise a lot of causes, but to me it will always be God’s covenant with the world after the great flood. A promise of how God will continue to look after us.

God’s promises are true. The promise all Christians cling to and hold dear is John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

In this world it is easy to forget about hell. As a Christian you cannot believe in heaven without believing in hell. I also have to admit that if heaven is beyond our wildest dreams, I am scared that hell is beyond our wildest nightmares.

Therefore John 3:16 is the ultimate promise. It does not promise that we will not die in this world, but it does promise that if we believe God sent his only son to die for us, and that while in this world we live for Jesus, we will have eternity in heaven.

Wow, wow,wow!

A life away from all that binds us on this world.

I don’t profess to know how this promise works, or that I am perfect because perfection only exists in Jesus. But in the middle of a pandemic with so much heartbreak and death around, I take great  comfort in this promise.

The truth is we will all die at some point and our loved ones will grieve. I hope that this isn’t today, tomorrow or anytime soon. But no one knows.

I would rather everyone was to die at old age, peacefully in their sleep, but life does not work that way. I find huge comfort knowing that when I leave this mortal world I will be going to another where I will have eternal life with my friend and saviour Jesus forever.

When I see a rainbow, I see a promise of eternal life. What do you see? Where is your hope today?

Rainbow photo Dave Hoefler. Found at Unsplash.

Hope is alive

Dear Jesus

You are my hope
Nothing more
The world bringing it's story
Of doom and gloom
Life feeling like it's cheap
Where the only choice is economic fate
Death and depression

But my hope and firm foundation
Is the saviour
Who rose from the dead
Who today still brings life
Accepting us individually
Who doesn't count statistics
Spread fear
Or pigeon hole
You to him are special
So worth dying for

You are worth more
Than a tsunami of pandemic
Your not a post code lottery
Or part of a chain reaction
You are not a slave
BUT loved
Not as a captive or a slave
But free and alive

In these times of yet another lockdown
When winter months are stark
And missing loves ones is hard
Stand firm
In the one
Whose only message is love
The one that is our hope

Look for the miracles
In the darkness
Stories that only shine love
Hope and encouragment
Spreading joy
Covering the fear
There is still so much good
If only we open our eyes
Trusting in the one
Who died to bring us life.

God still works in the bleak seasons

I go into the conservatory because it is light and bright. It can also be cold and chilling to the bones in the winter months.

I can hear the birds more from here. A chorus that rivals no other. Glimpses of them feeding from their feeder. The brave coming out to fly over head, the bright blue sky for a background.

Even amid the houses and gardens, a small part of God’s beauty is to be seen.

The icy frost glittering off shed roofs, fence tops and cars, making spider web patterns on the grass.

The loney Christmas rose bringing flowering beauty to a bleak limbo.

Shrubs and trees a mixture of greenery and twigs. Sheltering hibernating animals keeping them cosy and warm.

This time between Christmas and New year, when we wrap up warm and snuggle indoors. God’s beauty is still with us in the sunset and sunrise.

From cold morning frost to clear dark nights twinkling their starlights.

Just as our bleak year of 2020 comes to an end, God works his nature under the ground preparing for his next season.

It there may not feel like much to appreciate in this pandemic. But every loved one still with us, healthy and well. For those still with jobs count your blessings not woes.

For those in a dark place, do not let it overflow. Take heart that God is still in this place. God is using this time like the season. To plan and create a new spring. In you and on this earth. Bringing forth new blooms and flowers in the season. 

Let God bring you peace in this season of winter pandemic. Stay strong in hope and peace as God works in us under the surface planting new bulbs and flowers in our hearts ready for the next season.