God’s promises – peace and restoration

Psalm 23. How many of us recite these 2 lines when life is being life.

#Godspromises of restoring and peace. He leads me beside still waters he restores my soul.

The waters are still 
So peaceful and quiet
Next to a field of green
You say rest my child
Be still
Don't think
Just breath in and out

Let my spirit come
It will rest in you
Restoring all the calm
Taking the mess
Of heart
Of mind
Clarity shining through

Your soul so weary
The rest will help
Lay down and enjoy
Scenery all around
Lose the weary
Be energised
Refreshed hope restored

The worries all gone
Peace is restored
Your body and mind
Fully recovered
Holy Spirit
Soul refreshed
Just trust in the Lord today

God’s promises – we are not alone

Today a close friend is grieving a parent, my daughter is at her shift in the hospital where she works and it feels odd having a verse about a spirit raising Jesus from the dead, when this world is counting the cost of the pandemic in lives.

#Godspromises are true. Nothing can take that away and as both my friend and daughter take comfort in God, they are not alone.

God has left his Holy Spirit, who in essence is God. Do I understand this? No. Do I believe this anyway? Yes. This is faith.

We do not go through any part of life alone. When we accept Jesus this isĀ  God’s promise. God never leaves us, he is in the good the bad and the ugly, God loves us and accepts us wherever we are, whatever the situation.

Dear Father,Son and Holy Spirit 
I thank you that you never leave us.
That you are with us in every circumstance, whether this is good or bad.
Strengthen and bring peace to all that need you today.
May they feel your presence stronger than ever.
Please comfort the grieving,
Bring strength to all who care and look after us.
Bring rest to the exhausted.
Let wisdom be in the hearts of everyone, doing what is right from following the rules, to showing love and kindness to each other.

God’s promises – brokenhearts healed

It is difficult in a world that feels cracked and fragile before it breaks but we have to have the joy, positivity & hope of #Godspromises

Even in heartbreak there has to be hope and compassion. We can’t let bitterness and lies take over. We need to look for joy and compassion, however hard and however much we do not want to.

Our world feels broken
There is barely a person not grieving
Whether from the virus
Or what might of been
Broken relationships
Or what comes next

You have to be our hope
There is no other person
That heals our hearts and wipes our tears
You are healing heartbroken hearts individually
Bringing unity to this nation

Stir up in our hearts
Compassion hope and love
By your spirit
Bring your peace
Healing and forgiveness
Restoring all that feels lost
As the only person that can

God’s promises – he is good to all

What a beautiful #Godspromises

God doesn't have favourites
Or think your not special
God doesn't care
If your tall or short
Fat or thin
God loves you just as you are

God knows
No one is beyond redemption
There is nothing
You can do
No pit too deep
When calling to be saved

God is good to all
There is no one is better than another
His mercy is everywhere
If you can't see this
Just open the eyes of your heart
And gently let God in

God’s promises – ask seek knock

What a promise! #Godspromises do not get much better than Matthew 7:7

How many of us really pray and cling to this promise?

This is a promise for this world. This instance, this moment and no other. This promise used to bless one another and not for selfish gain, is life changing and mind blowing.

To me this bible verse from Matthew is the one we need to cling to and claim in the midst of this pandemic. Think of all the things Christians could claim in God’s name if we all stood firm and prayed this verse daily. 

Dear Jesus 

We thank you that Matthew 7:7 are your words and teachings.
Just as we believe in you, we believe your words spoken and all you taught.

Lord Jesus we ask for you to be in our nation. To be alive and come in revival. We ask for stories of love and kindness to shine over the pandemic. For stories of healings and restored relationships. Lord Jesus we have asked we know and believe this is being given to us as we pray. Our hearts and arms are open to receive.

Lord Jesus we seek your wisdom through your Holy Spirit, for us personally and for our governments. In daily decisions doctors and nurses have to make along with all authorities. Let us seek with all out hearts so we find your wisdom abundantly through your Spirit.

Lord Jesus please open the doors in our communities. So we can share your love. Your gospel of peace. Let us encourage, support and build each other up through all your open doors, because once you have opened the door no one can shut it.

We claim these answers through your promise in Matthew 7:7 Jesus. You are our hope. Our deliverer, our all.


God’s promise – He wipes every tear.

Two bible verses. One written around 740 BC and One written between 81-96 AD

Looking at these #Godspromises It has taken me until 2021 to realise the similarities between Isaiah 25:8 and Revelation 21:4

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away

Revelation 21:4

Revelation 21:4 is a promise I have clung on to fervently since I became a Christian. The promise of God wiping every tear brings me so much comfort. I long for a time of no more death.

Does not everyone want this, especially in a pandemic?

You wipe every tear

Your next to us always
We just need to let you in
Sat next to us
Holding our hands
With the box of tissues ready

Or even starting the joke
When tears of joy
Come flooding out
Not wiping tears but joining the fun

In the sad times
You never leave our side
Wiping each tear
Individually away
Counting each falling one

Holding us tight
Sharing the pain
Tears not flowing in vain
Each one a prayer
You tenderly hold

Your heart breaks with ours
And sings when ours does
You treasure each teardrop
Bringing peace
Saying I'm here

Your keep your promise
And never let go
We wait for the time
Where the only thing condemned to death
Is a box of tissues, redundant

Promises of God – life eternal

January is depressing. Even if you take COVID away, it is tough. I miss Christmas and the time I made to reflect on the nativity.

I have decided in the cold of winter and another lockdown that it is time to start looking towards hope.

The only place I know where to find true hope is through my Christian faith. So I have decided to start reflecting on God’s promises until lent.

God has so many promises and I think it would take me all year to find them,  let alone put them in order. So all my choices over the coming days and weeks will be random.

When I think of God’s promises I think of rainbows. Rainbows have many meanings and symbolise a lot of causes, but to me it will always be God’s covenant with the world after the great flood. A promise of how God will continue to look after us.

God’s promises are true. The promise all Christians cling to and hold dear is John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

In this world it is easy to forget about hell. As a Christian you cannot believe in heaven without believing in hell. I also have to admit that if heaven is beyond our wildest dreams, I am scared that hell is beyond our wildest nightmares.

Therefore John 3:16 is the ultimate promise. It does not promise that we will not die in this world, but it does promise that if we believe God sent his only son to die for us, and that while in this world we live for Jesus, we will have eternity in heaven.

Wow, wow,wow!

A life away from all that binds us on this world.

I don’t profess to know how this promise works, or that I am perfect because perfection only exists in Jesus. But in the middle of a pandemic with so much heartbreak and death around, I take great  comfort in this promise.

The truth is we will all die at some point and our loved ones will grieve. I hope that this isn’t today, tomorrow or anytime soon. But no one knows.

I would rather everyone was to die at old age, peacefully in their sleep, but life does not work that way. I find huge comfort knowing that when I leave this mortal world I will be going to another where I will have eternal life with my friend and saviour Jesus forever.

When I see a rainbow, I see a promise of eternal life. What do you see? Where is your hope today?

Rainbow photo Dave Hoefler. Found at Unsplash.