God’s promises – we have a future hope

Jesus is our hope. #Godspromises that we have a hope and a future and we will not be cut of from this.  When we accept Jesus as our saviour our hope is not in man or our strength. Our hope and future in in Christ alone.

Sometimes when hope gets wobbled. In  the sad and troublesome times. We just need to remember Jesus went through the heartbreak of losing friends and temptation, he understands. What better person to put our hope in.

Our hope in such odd times 
With a pandemic raging on
Still comes from our God alone
The only holy one

A hope that promises a future
That the craziness will finish
Healing will creep in
Of body, mind and soul

The world isn't over
Even with so many tears shed
Counting the cost in lives
Saying too many goodbyes

Even in the heartbreak
When we feel life should stand still
We trust in our God
Knowing this is not the end

For our future is in God's hands
He has told us so
He promises us a future
We can never been cut off from

Our hope for better times to return
For the pandemic to end
Is already fulfilled and not cut off
For all God's promises are true

This promise no exception
We just need to be still
Put our faith in God above
Our hope, healer and restorer

God’s promises – there is always light

When God lives in us, his #Godspromise is that he lightens our loads and lights our way. Even in these dark days of a pandemic God is our lamp of hope, support, strength and so much more. 
The lamp of our soul

Darkness may be all around
But that won't bother us
A light is burning
Bright inside
Being comfort peace and hope

This light in the darkest hours
Is brighter than the sun
Holding our hands
Trusting in the only one

This light brings sunshine
Days of happiness
And blessings
Rainbows in the sky

In this light
As he shares our darkness
He also shares the blessings
Each one to be treasure
Refining who we are

The light is so unique
As individual as us
Designed for us
Tailored for our need

This light
The Spirit from our God
Holy one
Shining brighter than the sun

To choose this light
Is yours to make
Just ask the Lord
And believe
Jesus is the Christ

This light will
Never leave you
Once you accept it in
Never dimming
Only getting brighter

Let this light
Bring you all you need today
Whatever that may be
Just be still
God will light the way

God promises – designed for freedom

This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is DESIGN. You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

This verse is also a #Godspromises. When we let the Holy Spirit live in us we live in freedom.

Designed from love 
With one purpose only
To love Father, Son and Holy Ghost
With all our hearts and more
To trust and praise in all times
However hard or easy

Designed not to be alone
To house the creators Sprit
For where the Holy Spirit is
Freedom is also found
Breaking chains
Freeing us from all that tries to hold us down

Designed for battle
Wearing his armour
Designed to protect body and mind
Breaking chains of lies
Designed by the evil one
Never can crush our spirit

Designed and shaped by a cross
The ultimate price
And prize
Designed to pardon
Give us life
Enjoyed for eternity

The perfect blueprint design
From a God that loves us so
Promising we will not be alone
Uniquely made
Uniquely us
Living in his freedom.

This was a tricky word for me and one I struggled with. The words did not flow easily or quickly and I admit to a few amendments and taking me over 5 minutes!

God’s promises – he is our refuge

God provides shelter, refuge and protection in the most dire times. What a #Godspromises

Our days always start with promise
Happy, bright and cheerful
If clouds start to gather
Take refuge in God's tower

The walls are strong
Light shines within
No weapon can cause a crack 
Earthquakes have no chance Foundations standing strong

Fear is banished
And sickness too

This refuge brings peace
Joy is flowing
Lies can't seep in
Truth rules with grace
Fear destroyed by love

A love beyond all measure
For your worthy, adored and special
Stand tall in confidence
The royal child of the king

So when troubles
Big or small
Come knocking on your door
Take refuge in God's tower
For your protected by his power

God’s promises – he is working in us

I love composting so much I made my husband built a 3 tier composer from pallets. I am squeamish and not brave around nature, so he also is the one that has to turn it and keep it moving. Oh the screams if I was to see a slow worm or beetle!

And I am sure of this, that he who  began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

This #Godspromises from Philippians 1:6 got me thinking about how God working in my life is like making compost.

I take my veggie peelings, pulled weeds from the garden, grass cuttings, used tea bags (I am British 😉) coffee grinds, loo roll middles and much more to keep topping up the composter

As I top up the composter and the items begin to rot, worms and bugs get to work. The mountain of waste gets hot and the bugs munch, digest and turn the unwanted waste into a beautifully rich soil. Compost. 

When you put the compost on your flowers and veggie patch you are nourishing and feeding the plants. Keeping them healthy and giving them all they need to produce beautiful vegetables, flowers and fruit.

God takes all my weeds of sin and the grass cuttings of shame from my life along with all the wasted veggie peeling times of disobedience and unintentional falls and starts working in them.

As God takes my rotten wasteful mess he is turning it into compost that is nutritious in the Holy Spirit. I am being fed and being worked into a child of God. Equipped to bear God’s fruit that can only be produced by him through the waste he has turned into nourishing compost.

God is still working in our lives and a pandemic will not thwart or halt that. When the day of Christ comes we can say we gave everything.

God is with us until we are a complete work in him.

However you are feeling today, just let God use it to accomplish his work which is constantly evolving inside us.

God’s promises – he is coming back

Jesus is coming back. Imagine the shock of all who do not believe when this happens.

I find it sad people are so against believing, fighting this #Godspromises as I long for all to be saved. My heart understands not all with be saved but I know God will wait until the last moment so as many as possible are.

Part of us 
In this time warp of the present
Long to see Lord Jesus back
Wondering how every eye will see
Will he be on a white horse
Covered in a cloud
One thing for sure
He will be shining in glory

Part of us asks
Please wait a little longer
There are so many mockers
Refusing to believe
It is all about us
Wrongly believing
We make our own destiny

Lord Jesus
Before you come back
We long for friends and family
To know you
The way your people do
Drawing close in repentance
Getting to know you day by day
As it is sad to think of those left behind

In these strange times we live in
We hold your promises dear
Keeping our eyes on you sweet Jesus
Our goal
And prize
Our destiny
Eternity with you in heaven

If you want to know more about Jesus contact your local church. They are still open online and Alpha is still alive.

God’s promises – he never leaves us

Today I really am feeling a shift. I feel God moving again. God is always my rock but for months he has felt still, motionless even though I know he is still very much alive.

#Godspromises and answer to prayer for others are really lifting my spirits. We may all still be lockdown in our homes but God doesn’t just go with us on outside journeys. God is with us in the emotional, internal and physical battles. God never leaves us.

You never leave us
You are always by our side
In us
Carrying the Spirit of God
Taking every step of life with us
We may not be able to go outside
Be locked in our homes
But we are all still on a journey
Of heart and minds
You haven't left us
Your still making us bold
Courageous and tackling fear
Keeping us bold
And giving us new opportunities
With a new creativity
That only comes from you
Thank you that
You are our strong foundation
Never leaving our side.

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

God’s promises – he holds your hand.

This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is FIX. You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

This week I am combining the word prompt Fix and #Godspromises which I am using to sustain me and hopefully encourage others in these strange times.

Problems come
Problems go
Where do go to put them right
Do you look to friends
Alcohol or drugs
Or do you simply think
Ignored they will go away

A problem shared
Is a problem solved
So society says
Is our help full of wisdom
Or out for what they can get
Is there such a thing as a quick fix

To fix the problem
Is not always simple
To do it correctly is not always quick
But we have a God
Who leaves his spirit
To dwell in us for when times are tough

God fixes the problem
But not in our way
Patience must endure
Faith will build
Trust will strengthen
The more we lean on him

So whatever
In your life needs fixing
Take God's hand
Let him hold you fast
Trust in his promises
For he fixes all things

God’s promises – He fights for us

Sometimes all we need to do is be still. The trick is to sit still and listen before we crash from exhaustion. #Godspromises

Sitting still 
An art form
In its own right
No fidgeting
Or waiting
Till you've lost the fight
Don't wait for exhaustion
To set in
Before we let stillness settle in

Be still be calm
Before it gets to much
Don't fight the fight
On your own
Before your strength
Turns to dust
Sit be still
Do nothing
Just pray

Worry is a distraction
Bringing fear, stress, anxiety and more
Lack of confidence
Plays mind tricks
Whispering lies in your ears
Don't listen to the lies
Seek joy instead
The ultimate weapon
Wacking worry on the head

So in this world
Where sitting still
Is frowned upon
Don't follow the crowd
But Jesus, the King
Where just sitting
Still is the ultimate weapon
When we say please help us

Jesus swings down
On his white horse
To win the fight for us
Letting us rest and recuperate
While he fights the battle
His word is final
No one can refuse it
The fight is over
The battle won forever

God’s promises – delivered from troubles

Love this #Godspromises.

Troubles gone

God wants to be in our all
From the tiniest of detail
To the heaviest of burdens

No matter is to trivial
Or to complicated to solve
God is in the detail carrying the load

We can have one or seventy
Troubles at once
God doesn't pick and choose

He looks at each one
A solution in place
Delivering us to a safer place

In time we will see
The needless worry
As each trouble disappears

God has been true to his promise
Delivering us from troubles
Releasing us to freedom and joy