Rejoice what ever the view

God has made this day
Especially for you
To walk in freedom
Grace & mercy
Just because he loves you

Depending on your view
Determines what you see
Fluffy white clouds
Perfect blue skies
Or thunder clouds gathering

You might be looking down
From a mountain peak
Or looking at the hill
You still need to climb
While resting in the field

While walking by a spring
Do you think of jumping in
Splashing cares away
For there are no worries
When God is splashing with you

Even if your day is stormy
Your boat being bashed
Giant waves surround
But never swallow you
When God is by your side

So whatever your view
God is holding your hand
Dancing, singing, crying
Meeting you where you are
Why wouldn't you rejoice

God refreshes when we are still.

I wasn’t planning to have a break in my blog, but I did.

No particular reason except I was noticing signs of tiredness and fatigue in me and just needed refreshing

No dramatic story, nothing out of the ordinary, I just needed refreshing.

I don’t know about you dear reader but life even in pandemic times is busy. Life isn’t quieter, just different.

There is still work, school, church on Sunday’s, church groups, seeing family and friends. Albeit virtually. There is still washing, cooking and food shopping along with everything else.

We still have concerns over loved ones, because depression, poverty and other sickness does not stop in a pandemic.

Sometimes it all becomes noise in our heads.

When it does, take note! Do not become overwhelmed. Do not try and fight it, struggling to carry on.

When life becomes exhausting. Be still take it to God. Switch of the TV, your phone or laptop. Be still. You don’t need words or action. Just be still. Just sit in God’s presence.

Let God refresh you.

As I looked into my garden this morning and saw a fresh powdering of snow, I thought about the footprints in the sand poem. God doesn’t just carry us in the sand. He also carries us in the snow, rain, dewy sunrise and star filled nights and more.

Sometimes we just need to realise it is time to be still and be refreshed.

God’s promises – he never leaves us

Today I really am feeling a shift. I feel God moving again. God is always my rock but for months he has felt still, motionless even though I know he is still very much alive.

#Godspromises and answer to prayer for others are really lifting my spirits. We may all still be lockdown in our homes but God doesn’t just go with us on outside journeys. God is with us in the emotional, internal and physical battles. God never leaves us.

You never leave us
You are always by our side
In us
Carrying the Spirit of God
Taking every step of life with us
We may not be able to go outside
Be locked in our homes
But we are all still on a journey
Of heart and minds
You haven't left us
Your still making us bold
Courageous and tackling fear
Keeping us bold
And giving us new opportunities
With a new creativity
That only comes from you
Thank you that
You are our strong foundation
Never leaving our side.

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

God’s promise – He wipes every tear.

Two bible verses. One written around 740 BC and One written between 81-96 AD

Looking at these #Godspromises It has taken me until 2021 to realise the similarities between Isaiah 25:8 and Revelation 21:4

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away

Revelation 21:4

Revelation 21:4 is a promise I have clung on to fervently since I became a Christian. The promise of God wiping every tear brings me so much comfort. I long for a time of no more death.

Does not everyone want this, especially in a pandemic?

You wipe every tear

Your next to us always
We just need to let you in
Sat next to us
Holding our hands
With the box of tissues ready

Or even starting the joke
When tears of joy
Come flooding out
Not wiping tears but joining the fun

In the sad times
You never leave our side
Wiping each tear
Individually away
Counting each falling one

Holding us tight
Sharing the pain
Tears not flowing in vain
Each one a prayer
You tenderly hold

Your heart breaks with ours
And sings when ours does
You treasure each teardrop
Bringing peace
Saying I'm here

Your keep your promise
And never let go
We wait for the time
Where the only thing condemned to death
Is a box of tissues, redundant

God still works in the bleak seasons

I go into the conservatory because it is light and bright. It can also be cold and chilling to the bones in the winter months.

I can hear the birds more from here. A chorus that rivals no other. Glimpses of them feeding from their feeder. The brave coming out to fly over head, the bright blue sky for a background.

Even amid the houses and gardens, a small part of God’s beauty is to be seen.

The icy frost glittering off shed roofs, fence tops and cars, making spider web patterns on the grass.

The loney Christmas rose bringing flowering beauty to a bleak limbo.

Shrubs and trees a mixture of greenery and twigs. Sheltering hibernating animals keeping them cosy and warm.

This time between Christmas and New year, when we wrap up warm and snuggle indoors. God’s beauty is still with us in the sunset and sunrise.

From cold morning frost to clear dark nights twinkling their starlights.

Just as our bleak year of 2020 comes to an end, God works his nature under the ground preparing for his next season.

It there may not feel like much to appreciate in this pandemic. But every loved one still with us, healthy and well. For those still with jobs count your blessings not woes.

For those in a dark place, do not let it overflow. Take heart that God is still in this place. God is using this time like the season. To plan and create a new spring. In you and on this earth. Bringing forth new blooms and flowers in the season. 

Let God bring you peace in this season of winter pandemic. Stay strong in hope and peace as God works in us under the surface planting new bulbs and flowers in our hearts ready for the next season.

Celebrating Christ’s birth

Day 24 of #wonderfulladvent and the word prompt is birth

Thank you to everyone that has followed this advent journey with me. God bless you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas. Stay safe x

It's time to celebrate 
The birth of the child
Born in a stable
Long time ago
He came to be born
To a young virgin
The impossible made possible

The birth of a child
Born for you and me
The baby not gone
Or disappeared
Very much still with us
If we let his spirit
Reside in us

Imagine becoming parents
To the promised one
Taking responsibility
For God's only son
Or full of confidence
Finding such favour chosen as mum

Mum Mary treasuring events
Visitors and presents
Storing hope
Waiting for the future

As we wait this Christmas time
Locked down
In such unusual times
Reflect and consider
The true meaning of Christmas
It's not Santamas
Or St.Nickmas
But Christmas
Celebrating our Christ.

The unexpected diary entry

Day 20 already of #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is unexpected. I pray people will be gracious and forgiving with me on this post as I let my imagination run.

Dear Diary, March 1BC

Seriously I am unexpectedly calm but at the same time all over the place!


It all started so normally. Just another day in my life.

I got up and did all my normal things. Got washed, dressed, did my chores and of course was day dreaming about my guy Joe. Joe and I are getting married. I know he will understand and be just as excited as me 😊😍

I was in my room, just having some quiet time with God. Praying, reading scripture. I do this everyday.

SUDDENLY there was this bright bright light encompassing me and a strange man in my room! He even called me by name. Hello Mary he said.

My heart was racing, and I was obviously looking scared and visibly trembling as he told me not to be afraid.

There was something about his voice. A calmness which had an authority about it. He called me favoured one. He said he was a messenger of God. He even had a name Gabriel.

As I calmed I could see this was not a man, he had wings and was oozing gold and light. I remember feeling my trembling stopping, my heart beat returning to normal, almost being back in my body. It’s strange what you notice and remember in the midst of things.

Gabriel his voice smooth beautifully musical brought me a message. A message from God no less! WOAH WOW WOAH!. Me not Molly or Joanna or Grace, ME! Not sure how much they will believe me either when I tell them next girls night in.

Ok now here is where it gets really surreal! This Angel has casually rocked up in my quiet time with the bomb shell of all bomb shells.

Gabriel is telling me I AM PREGNANT with GODS CHILD no less. !!!! Being the girl I am I did politely point out this is impossible.

Gabriel not even blinking at the impossible and I’m sure he would of wanted to huff! This is God’s son, conceived of the Spirit. The long awaited messiah. God’s chosen one.

I have read the scriptures but me. We have been waiting for this moment for hundreds of years. But me. A normal everyday girl. Wow wow wow.

Gabriel must be reading my mind. Before I get to utter a word. He tells me, my cousin Elizabeth is also with child. My being cannot argue and the Spirit helps me accept and understand. God’s presents completely takes over.

I am at peace, favoured, let it be is all I can say.

The light suddenly gone along with my angel. But a presence so strong not gone. Prayer, praise and worship flow out from my soul. Time to think and reflect.

Having time to digest and reflect to Elizabeth’s I must go. Some thing tells me she will understand.

If your feeling low, bow down low

Day 12 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is low.

If this Christmas is tough for you. Let’s face it, 2020 has been tough for the most stable of people.

If your feeling low or struggling with low self esteem, remember YOU are the apple of God’s eyes.

Yes you. God thinks your amazing, perfectly made and loves YOU.

God doesn’t want to see you struggling, sad, alone or low. God wants to empower you through his Holy Spirit. God wants to make you new and lift you up.

This Christmas in the middle of a pandemic, stop, think and reflect on what Christmas means to you.

If you accept Jesus stepped out of heaven and became fully human as God’s own son and that he saw and experienced all we do. Then bow low and worship him.

As you bow low feel your chains fall of as you break free into joy, confidence, peace, love and grace.

Remember this Christmas actual doors and buildings may be closed but churches are open virtually along with charities. If you need help ask for help and don’t struggle alone.

Are you there yet on the journey?

Journey is the word for #wonderfulladvent day 9.

From the time God made Abraham look at the night sky and promised him more descendents than the stars. To the time Isaiah prophesied about the root of Jesse

From King David to a humble carpenter named Joseph. A walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem over 80 miles. From our births to now. We are all on a journey.

A journey where we often ask “are we there yet?”

Just as Abraham waited for his Son. Just as a nation waited for their messiah. Just as Mary believed the Angel and Joseph was obedient.

We all live in that hope.

Our journey takes us many places through joy, sadness, hope, light and darkness.

For some of us it takes longer to see the truth. But whatever our journey and where that takes us, God’s promises are true.

God walks through our journey with us, the spirit holding our hands.

Are you there yet?

What’s your perfect gift?

Day 8 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is gift

If you could have the perfect gift what would it be?

A night in with your favourite sporting team?
One last hug from a loved one?

It breaks my heart so many do not believe in a child born so long ago. People happily buy into a man in a red suit, chubby and cuddly coming down a chimney. If you believe this why not the truest most perfect gift ever.

A baby born many years ago, creating the first ever Christmas. A baby who came to die and fight for us. A child that never grew old. Who died to take away our sins. Free us from pain, depression and fear. To wipe away our tears, longing to hold us near. Giving us eternal life.

Surely this is the perfect gift.