Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is Forward. You can join in the fun here:

Moving forward inch by inch,
A yawn, a stretch, a sigh
Moving forward out of bed
My first goal of the day.

There’s cloud outside,
Work awaits
Snuggling under the duvet
Seems the better option

Coffee is brewing as I move forward down the stairs
My brain starts to wake
Another Friday is here.
Looking forward to the 3 day weekend
Only 8 hours to go

I’m moving forward on my goal
Sitting still with the one who loves me so.
A worship song comes on
And prayer time starts to flow
Today is not about work and coffee
But chilling out with you

The family wakes and chaos breaks out
A smile upon my face
Each day is another day
A day to enjoy and savour
A day where my race continues

Working for the ultimate goal
Running the race with you
Eyes focused and forward
On the ultimate prize
Of eternity with you.