Bless me today

The prompt word for #rethinkcreativelentchallenge today is Bless

Lord Jesus
Bless me today
Refreshing me with your spirit
Letting rain drops of heaven refresh this soul
Pour out your peace
Let me drink of your cup
Refreshing water of life
Seeping into my soul
Change me and renew me
Teach me to love like you
Blessing others on this journey of life
Feeling your presence as I go

My everlasting rock

The prompt word today in #rethinkcreativelentchallenge is everlasting.

Not an easy word, but here goes!

It is hard to imagine everlasting 
Without hurting your head
Time lasting forever
In a world so temporal

But my rock is ever lasting
And also ever changing
The appearance always changing
From size to size

My rock provides provision
Whatever I need
Strength, joy, energy
Peace and grace overflowing

My rock is not a lump of stone
A metal anchor in the sea
My rock an entity
Living within me

My rock is a God
That through his Sprit lives
Puts his arm around me
When I'm sad

Everlasting is my rock
As when my days on earth are up
I run into his arms
In heaven for eternity

Our name on your hands

The prompt word for #rethinkcreativelentchallenge is NAME

My name is written on your hands
Not on the back
Or like a telephone number
Or an appointment
needed to be kept
Just as a reminder

My name is not written in biro
You have no mum telling you
To go wash off the ink
It's not tattooed
Where ink will fade
Or in sharpie to cause dismay

My name is written on your palms
Of hands so beautiful
An intimate action caused
Scars and holes
The perfect symbol of love
Especially for me

My name is known to the holy one
Out of a population of millions
The infinite one knows me personally
And keeps me near and holds me close
Never letting go
He is with us for eternity

My name isn't the only one
Written on his hands
Look closely in the lines
Into the scars of love
There you will find
Your name with mine

Celebrate – 1

The first Sunday of lent. The #rethinkcreativelentchallenge prompt word for every Sunday of lent is celebrate

I celebrate today 
God's amazing grace
Mr Newton
Summed it up
There is nothing much to add

I am a wretch
Yet a princess
A child of a King
Forgiven released
Washed clean

The cost of my freedom
Was far to high
But you glady choose to do this
Tears turned to joy
The first Easter Sunday

What is there not to celebrate
A story of such love
The stone rolled away
Victory achieved
The moment the grave found empty

So in our lent
A period reflection
There is more to celebrate
With a party
Each and every Sunday

Come Follow him

Friday prompt word is ONCE. You can join in the fun here:  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

Come Follow me

Follow me he said
There was no time to second guess
Or to debate down the pub
No Alpha course to attend
Or time for over thinking in their heads

Follow me he said
But did they know the cost
The lessons they would learn
The miracles they would perform
All in Jesus name

Follow me he said
Leaving wives behind
Not knowing the adventures
Laughter,tears and death
As they followed their saviour
To that cross

Follow me he said
As they didn't understand
The grieving that would come
Not knowing 3 days later
Victory was won

Follow me he said
Before the stone was rolled away
Not knowing what we know now
The glory, love and tenderness
The act of love to follow

Follow me he said
With no time to think
Jesus in person asking them
Not fully answering yet
They left at once and followed him

Follow me he still says today
Will you come with me
Dropping all our nets at once
Knowing what we know
At once we should go

If do not know Jesus but are curious, check out Alpha

God refreshes when we are still.

I wasn’t planning to have a break in my blog, but I did.

No particular reason except I was noticing signs of tiredness and fatigue in me and just needed refreshing

No dramatic story, nothing out of the ordinary, I just needed refreshing.

I don’t know about you dear reader but life even in pandemic times is busy. Life isn’t quieter, just different.

There is still work, school, church on Sunday’s, church groups, seeing family and friends. Albeit virtually. There is still washing, cooking and food shopping along with everything else.

We still have concerns over loved ones, because depression, poverty and other sickness does not stop in a pandemic.

Sometimes it all becomes noise in our heads.

When it does, take note! Do not become overwhelmed. Do not try and fight it, struggling to carry on.

When life becomes exhausting. Be still take it to God. Switch of the TV, your phone or laptop. Be still. You don’t need words or action. Just be still. Just sit in God’s presence.

Let God refresh you.

As I looked into my garden this morning and saw a fresh powdering of snow, I thought about the footprints in the sand poem. God doesn’t just carry us in the sand. He also carries us in the snow, rain, dewy sunrise and star filled nights and more.

Sometimes we just need to realise it is time to be still and be refreshed.

Keep us in your sunshine

This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is SUNSHINE. You can join in the fun here:  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

The leaves are adorning my branches 
All shades of yellow and golden brown
Looking a little droopy
In a cold winter land

My roots holding me firm
Running deep underground
Looking for holy waters
To sustain me on shaky ground

Feeling wilted and tired
You refresh this weary tree
Pouring your warm sunshine
On every twig and branch

As the spring arrives
Sustained by the creator
Water this tree well
Springing me humbly back to life

Let my shoots
Spread around the garden
Providing light and shade
Basking in the sunlight

I thank you Lord
That you love this tree
You have planted in me
Let my roots grow deeper

Keep me pruned
Well watered
Nourished from the sunshine
Standing firm in your love

God’s promises – we have a future hope

Jesus is our hope. #Godspromises that we have a hope and a future and we will not be cut of from this.  When we accept Jesus as our saviour our hope is not in man or our strength. Our hope and future in in Christ alone.

Sometimes when hope gets wobbled. In  the sad and troublesome times. We just need to remember Jesus went through the heartbreak of losing friends and temptation, he understands. What better person to put our hope in.

Our hope in such odd times 
With a pandemic raging on
Still comes from our God alone
The only holy one

A hope that promises a future
That the craziness will finish
Healing will creep in
Of body, mind and soul

The world isn't over
Even with so many tears shed
Counting the cost in lives
Saying too many goodbyes

Even in the heartbreak
When we feel life should stand still
We trust in our God
Knowing this is not the end

For our future is in God's hands
He has told us so
He promises us a future
We can never been cut off from

Our hope for better times to return
For the pandemic to end
Is already fulfilled and not cut off
For all God's promises are true

This promise no exception
We just need to be still
Put our faith in God above
Our hope, healer and restorer

God’s promises – he is our refuge

God provides shelter, refuge and protection in the most dire times. What a #Godspromises

Our days always start with promise
Happy, bright and cheerful
If clouds start to gather
Take refuge in God's tower

The walls are strong
Light shines within
No weapon can cause a crack 
Earthquakes have no chance Foundations standing strong

Fear is banished
And sickness too

This refuge brings peace
Joy is flowing
Lies can't seep in
Truth rules with grace
Fear destroyed by love

A love beyond all measure
For your worthy, adored and special
Stand tall in confidence
The royal child of the king

So when troubles
Big or small
Come knocking on your door
Take refuge in God's tower
For your protected by his power

God’s promises – he is working in us

I love composting so much I made my husband built a 3 tier composer from pallets. I am squeamish and not brave around nature, so he also is the one that has to turn it and keep it moving. Oh the screams if I was to see a slow worm or beetle!

And I am sure of this, that he who  began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

This #Godspromises from Philippians 1:6 got me thinking about how God working in my life is like making compost.

I take my veggie peelings, pulled weeds from the garden, grass cuttings, used tea bags (I am British 😉) coffee grinds, loo roll middles and much more to keep topping up the composter

As I top up the composter and the items begin to rot, worms and bugs get to work. The mountain of waste gets hot and the bugs munch, digest and turn the unwanted waste into a beautifully rich soil. Compost. 

When you put the compost on your flowers and veggie patch you are nourishing and feeding the plants. Keeping them healthy and giving them all they need to produce beautiful vegetables, flowers and fruit.

God takes all my weeds of sin and the grass cuttings of shame from my life along with all the wasted veggie peeling times of disobedience and unintentional falls and starts working in them.

As God takes my rotten wasteful mess he is turning it into compost that is nutritious in the Holy Spirit. I am being fed and being worked into a child of God. Equipped to bear God’s fruit that can only be produced by him through the waste he has turned into nourishing compost.

God is still working in our lives and a pandemic will not thwart or halt that. When the day of Christ comes we can say we gave everything.

God is with us until we are a complete work in him.

However you are feeling today, just let God use it to accomplish his work which is constantly evolving inside us.