Step in time

In Mary Poppins while Bert is a Chimney sweep and on the roof with the children and Mary Poppins they sing the song step in time. I’m not suggesting that we need to flap like a birdie, climb on the railings or go round the chimney, although it would be amusing to watch!

I am thinking about how we step in time with God through the Holy Spirit. Do we keep perfect time with God or are we a beat ahead or behind?

Lord Jesus
The beat of your spirit
Is a fast changing tempo
Sometimes quick
Sometimes slow
Give us ears to hear your beat
Stay in time
And not fall behind

Open our hearts
Let us dance to your rhythm
Praising and praying
As we skip along
Let your peace and love
Rule in our hearts
Keeping judgment and hating
Far away

As we go into our days
Our weeks
And the rest of the year
Let us keep dancing
Marching and walking
In step with your Spirit
Shining and sharing
Your gift of the cross
Love,peace and eternity.

Praise the Lord it is finished.

On another trip up the M23 to visit our oldest, my husband commented that roadworks on the M23 are now over and it is a fully smart motorway. In true Christian fashion I responded with “Praise the Lord it is finished”

I then paused and started thinking of what Jesus said at the end. “It is finished.”

This made me put my words into context and what I really should be praising the Lord for. Yes I am happy we are no longer weaving out of cones and speed limit restrictions. But there is something far more lasting and meaning in what Jesus said, and I should be praising the Lord because once Jesus died for you and me, it truly was finished and nothing can ever change that.

As I write this I ponder what “It is finished” truly means.

When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

John 19:30

I do praise the Lord God loudly and thankfully because he sent is only child to die for all my sin, wrong doing and nasties. God did this because he knows I can’t follow rules and not always on purpose still mess up and cause hurt and heartache to other’s and God himself.

In moments of weakness I still sin.

Because of Jesus I have an eternal live with him long after I leave this world.

Because of Jesus I am free in this world of fear, doubt, hatred, anger, jealousy, anxiety, stress and much more. It isn’t always easy to let these things go, but the Holy Spirit is with us to help guide and keep us on track.

It is finished because nothing can take that away. Absolutely nothing.

I praise the Lord that it is finished. The moment I accepted Jesus and he saved me. Hallelujah Amen.

Photo copyright New Civil Engineer.

A prayer for mercy in adversity

Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is Mercy You can join in the fun here: As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow.

mercy – noun – compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.

I am not going lie or sugar coat things but being a Christian is hard. There are times when situations of the world take control and following God’s will is hard. But we need to lean on him in those times to keep our minds and hearts on track. God is full of mercy and we have to be too, however hard that is.

Lord forgive me as I am not feeling merciful today,
This is wrong and not of you.
I repent for my feelings but they are struggling to go away.
I am left feeling victimised, discriminated against.
Give me a heart of love,
Full of mercy and forgiveness,
To everyone around me no matter what their actions.
Let my actions today be from you, mirroring yours on earth.
Let me stand firm in your teachings,
Filled with your Spirit knowing whatever is going on all around that is nothing compared to losing you.
Keep me in your armour and fill me with the fruit of your spirit,
And let me show mercy to others as you have shown to me,
Let your cross be the picture I carry today.

Where is your cross Jesus?

What happened to your cross Jesus,
After your body was taken down.
Did it stand there for days, months and years,
Symbolic of all you did.
Did your haters,the people that deny you,
Dipose of it straight away,
Scared of knowing what it meant,
That you alone are Lord.

Is your cross in heaven?
I'm sure you don't need it there.
Your cross is an earthly thing and lives inside my heart.
It reminds me of all you've done,
Taking away my sin.
This came at such a cost,
Your life, for me in eternity.

I look at my cross today,
The grace I don't deserve.
Such a grateful heart,
That reflects only a fraction of yours.
Let your cross shine within me,
In everything I do,
Sharing your truth and gift of grace,
That is free to all.
God grace free to all.