Jesus isn’t just for Christmas

Christmas isn't over
It is in us all year round
Epiphany still to come
Along with a new year

2020 will go down in history
Described by just one word
2021 can still bring more
But hope is what we aim for

Our hope is the baby
Whose birth we are still celebrating
A child that grows to an innocent man
Mis-convicted for our sin

This murdered man named Jesus
Didn't stay dead long
He rose again from his fight
Resurrection, bringing new life

Jesus doesn't leave us
Through his spirit he is with us
Wiping tears, holding us tight
In the dark times shining light

Whatever 2021 holds
One thing remains the same
Jesus our rock, our anchor
Today, tomorrow forever, whatever the day

Celebrating Christ’s birth

Day 24 of #wonderfulladvent and the word prompt is birth

Thank you to everyone that has followed this advent journey with me. God bless you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas. Stay safe x

It's time to celebrate 
The birth of the child
Born in a stable
Long time ago
He came to be born
To a young virgin
The impossible made possible

The birth of a child
Born for you and me
The baby not gone
Or disappeared
Very much still with us
If we let his spirit
Reside in us

Imagine becoming parents
To the promised one
Taking responsibility
For God's only son
Or full of confidence
Finding such favour chosen as mum

Mum Mary treasuring events
Visitors and presents
Storing hope
Waiting for the future

As we wait this Christmas time
Locked down
In such unusual times
Reflect and consider
The true meaning of Christmas
It's not Santamas
Or St.Nickmas
But Christmas
Celebrating our Christ.

Reveal yourself – a prayer

Day 21 and the word prompt for #wonderfulladvent is reveal.

Dear Jesus 
I am struggling to pray.
There is so much I want to say.
You asked the most sacred one if you could leave heaven and come to Earth.
You didn't do this for selfish ambition or fame.
You did this because you love us and want us in eternity with you more than anything.
My heart is breaking this Christmas Jesus.
People are living in the dark.
Fear, disillusion, depair seem to be the fuel.
Lord Jesus please reveal yourself this year to a nation and world suffocating in darkness.
We long to see your truth revealed to a nation full of dry bones.
Hope and joy that only flows from you restored
To hearts so fervently against you softened with eyes and ears opened to the reality of a saviour born in a stable.

The unexpected diary entry

Day 20 already of #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is unexpected. I pray people will be gracious and forgiving with me on this post as I let my imagination run.

Dear Diary, March 1BC

Seriously I am unexpectedly calm but at the same time all over the place!


It all started so normally. Just another day in my life.

I got up and did all my normal things. Got washed, dressed, did my chores and of course was day dreaming about my guy Joe. Joe and I are getting married. I know he will understand and be just as excited as me 😊😍

I was in my room, just having some quiet time with God. Praying, reading scripture. I do this everyday.

SUDDENLY there was this bright bright light encompassing me and a strange man in my room! He even called me by name. Hello Mary he said.

My heart was racing, and I was obviously looking scared and visibly trembling as he told me not to be afraid.

There was something about his voice. A calmness which had an authority about it. He called me favoured one. He said he was a messenger of God. He even had a name Gabriel.

As I calmed I could see this was not a man, he had wings and was oozing gold and light. I remember feeling my trembling stopping, my heart beat returning to normal, almost being back in my body. It’s strange what you notice and remember in the midst of things.

Gabriel his voice smooth beautifully musical brought me a message. A message from God no less! WOAH WOW WOAH!. Me not Molly or Joanna or Grace, ME! Not sure how much they will believe me either when I tell them next girls night in.

Ok now here is where it gets really surreal! This Angel has casually rocked up in my quiet time with the bomb shell of all bomb shells.

Gabriel is telling me I AM PREGNANT with GODS CHILD no less. !!!! Being the girl I am I did politely point out this is impossible.

Gabriel not even blinking at the impossible and I’m sure he would of wanted to huff! This is God’s son, conceived of the Spirit. The long awaited messiah. God’s chosen one.

I have read the scriptures but me. We have been waiting for this moment for hundreds of years. But me. A normal everyday girl. Wow wow wow.

Gabriel must be reading my mind. Before I get to utter a word. He tells me, my cousin Elizabeth is also with child. My being cannot argue and the Spirit helps me accept and understand. God’s presents completely takes over.

I am at peace, favoured, let it be is all I can say.

The light suddenly gone along with my angel. But a presence so strong not gone. Prayer, praise and worship flow out from my soul. Time to think and reflect.

Having time to digest and reflect to Elizabeth’s I must go. Some thing tells me she will understand.

The miracle birth

Day 19 #wonderfulladvent and the word prompt for today is miracle.

In first world countries we take having a baby for granted but actually it is still one of life’s miracles.

Some couples wait for years and try everything to conceive. When there long awaited baby is here, it is a miracle.

Sadly there are still to many stillborn babies. Babies born prematurely, with an illness or even harder to think with an addiction.

Having a baby in a first world country is still a miracle, let alone a country less developed.

I wonder at this time of year what it would of been like for Mary giving birth many years ago. (Historically and scientifically proven Jesus was born the rest is faith)

I can only imagine giving birth without hospitals over 2000 years ago was not only scary but each safe delivery would be a miracle.

Did Mary have a midwife, was Joseph her birthing partner. Did Jesus sleep all night. Whatever the answers he was born in a uncertain and violent time. It was a miracle he survived.

With COVID seeming to be winning the war it feels a miracle is needed more than ever. Maybe we just need to ask and believe.

Photo misquote hacks

The star shines

Day 18 of #wonderfulladvent and the word today is shine.

The star rises in the east
Shining brighter than the rest
Lighting the dark night
Not vanishing in the day
Leading the way
Mesmerising the men
Looking for their king
The star resting over Bethlehem
Shining on the stable below
Their king is here
The baby in the manger
They bow before the child
Bearing presents of gold frankincense and myrrh


Day 17 #wonderfulladvent and the word prompt is light.

Standing in the void
Goosebumps rising
Pitch black
Emotions empty

A spark
A flash
A flicker in the distance
A flame
A light twinkling
Getting brighter
Warmth enters in
Emotions enter
The light taking over your soul

A hand
A smile
A hope
A baby born at Christmas time

Your name

Day 16 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is name

Your name is in the wind 
In the gentle breeze
And gusty gale
The sea calms
At your command
The sun and moon
Bow before your throne

Your name brings peace
Freedom and joy
Mountains tremble
The earth shakes
There is power in your name

You know my name
You know the hairs on my head
You know my every need
You love me so much
Your word become flesh
At Christmas time
Born to save
The baby named Jesus

Trust and promise

I missed #wonderfulladvent yesterday due to having to play Santa and a sudden change of COVID tier restrictions. The prompt words for day 14 &15 are trust and promise. These words go so well together so here we go.

I trust in your promises
From rainbows in the sky
To holding me close
And wiping every tear
I trust every word is true
You fulfilled every promise
From times long ago
You stepped out of heaven
At Christmas time
Born out of hope
Completing and fulfilling
All that was foretold
Bridging the gap
Between life and death
One day when my body
Can take no more
The ultimate promise I trust
Eternity in heaven
With the one I love

Good King Bad King

Day 13 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is King

Our Christmas story 
O so true
Is a tale of old
From many years ago

This Christmas tale is of 2 kings
both so very different
One king good
One king bad

The villain of the piece
Was very dark indeed
Jealous, mean and moody
When he didn't get his way

The bad king wanted power
Domination over his people
He didn't want the threat
Of anyone taking his crown

Magi came to Jerusalem
Expecting to visit a new born king
Following a star
They expected to see him there

Our good king nowhere to be found
The Magi stumbled on the evil king
Lies from his lips
Let me know when you find the king
I want to go and worship him

This monster of a king
Did not want to share
He had heard the prophecy
Of the saviour king

When realising the Magi
Weren't coming back
The evil king
He order all the babies killed

The Good King was born so humbly
Not Seeking earthly treasures
His parents keeping him safe
Fleeing Herod's killers

Our Good king
Doesn't desire an earthly crown
although he deserves all our praise
He just longs to know you
And wants you to believe in him

Believe this Good king
For he loves you so
Much more than status, money or gold
All he wants to be
Is king of your heart

He loves you more than anything
To the cross and back
He died so you can
Have ever lasting life

So this Christmas remember
The Good king
born in a stable
for me and for you

Photo: Clipartkey