Just embrace where you are.

It’s time to stop making excuses & embrace where we are in life.

God made us all uniquely. We can’t compare ourselves or our circumstances to any one else.

We are UNIQUE, AMAZING, LOVED, CHERISHED just for being us. Isn’t it time we embraced that.

When things don’t work out the way we want. Is God trying to get our attention? When life isn’t feeling fair where are our eyes? On ourselves or God?

We have all been in circumstances where we can’t see clearly in the moment. If you look back to each of those moments you can see God pouring out love, peace, joy, forgiveness, restoration, transformation, provision & freedom. The the list goes on.

Our circumstances do not stop us doing God’s unique job he designed us for. We may not even know what it is. But we are all called to a great commission. All we need is Jesus.

I will never be a worship leader unless it is a choir of cats! I will probably never publish a book. I will never be a millionaire. Who cares? I have my little blog. However out of tune my worship is, God is listening to my heart and intent. I have food on the table, a roof over my head & a flushing loo! I am blessed.

Whatever your present circumstances, embrace them. Whether this is just to be still & listen or if you are called for action. Embrace it & let God lead.

And do not forget you are fearfully & wonderfully made & let your soul sing of this.

You are loved

It doesn’t matter how old you are! 30 secs old or 120 years old. YOU ARE LOVED.

The very conservative middle class town I Iive in has recently suffered 3 teenage suicides. I find this heartbreaking.

I have no idea the reasons why they did this or what life looked like for them but this should not be happening in a so called first world country with access to so much mental and physical health support. A country where we preach about being kind to one another, where in reality we all struggle with that, mostly unintentionally.

Life is precious. You are precious. BELIEVE IT.

As a Christian you can’t believe in God without believing in the devil. The biggest thing the devil does is lie to you. He will tell you your worthless take away your confidence and bring you down because he wants you in his camp. We all fall for those lies at times.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

Jesus came because he loves YOU! He loves YOU with a love that can never be quashed, taken away, removed or dampened.

Jesus loves YOU for being YOU no other reason.

It is an unexplainable love. You may not understand it, get it or even believe in it but is is there and nothing YOU can do can stop it.


However hard, whatever your struggle. Stop listening to the lie. If things feel out of control get professional help. PRAY you may be surprised at the answer.

But whatever you are going through right now remember …..


Walking in faith

Everyday I walk in faith 
The son of God I trust
Even though we have not met
In human terms that is

Walking in the resurrection
Not in death
Or an empty tomb
Just full expectation

Whether my vision is cloudy
Or the way lit bright
I walk in the presence
Faithfully holding tight

In the good & bad times
Death & life
Confusion & complacency
My walk continuing expectantly

It is not always easy
At times I trip
But the one I believe in
Always holding me tightly

You may not understand
Why I follow blindly
But dare to look for faith
In a God that loves you boldly


Day 4 #rethinkcreativelentchallenge the word prompt is remember

When you break the bread 
Do you think of him
Remember the price he paid
Especially for you

When you drink the wine
Do you think of him
Remembering what it cost
To set you free

When you walk in freedom
Do you remember the victory
Breaking the chains
No longer held down

When you go about your day
Do you remember the cross
Looking for grace and mercy
To share along the way

When you breathe each breath
Remember God gave you life
Creating you individually
Loving you uniquely

When you get the chance today
Stop be still
Give praise
Remembering God thankfully

When you reflect this lent
You are not forgotten
A gracious loving God
Remembers you always

Promises of God – life eternal

January is depressing. Even if you take COVID away, it is tough. I miss Christmas and the time I made to reflect on the nativity.

I have decided in the cold of winter and another lockdown that it is time to start looking towards hope.

The only place I know where to find true hope is through my Christian faith. So I have decided to start reflecting on God’s promises until lent.

God has so many promises and I think it would take me all year to find them,  let alone put them in order. So all my choices over the coming days and weeks will be random.

When I think of God’s promises I think of rainbows. Rainbows have many meanings and symbolise a lot of causes, but to me it will always be God’s covenant with the world after the great flood. A promise of how God will continue to look after us.

God’s promises are true. The promise all Christians cling to and hold dear is John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

In this world it is easy to forget about hell. As a Christian you cannot believe in heaven without believing in hell. I also have to admit that if heaven is beyond our wildest dreams, I am scared that hell is beyond our wildest nightmares.

Therefore John 3:16 is the ultimate promise. It does not promise that we will not die in this world, but it does promise that if we believe God sent his only son to die for us, and that while in this world we live for Jesus, we will have eternity in heaven.

Wow, wow,wow!

A life away from all that binds us on this world.

I don’t profess to know how this promise works, or that I am perfect because perfection only exists in Jesus. But in the middle of a pandemic with so much heartbreak and death around, I take great  comfort in this promise.

The truth is we will all die at some point and our loved ones will grieve. I hope that this isn’t today, tomorrow or anytime soon. But no one knows.

I would rather everyone was to die at old age, peacefully in their sleep, but life does not work that way. I find huge comfort knowing that when I leave this mortal world I will be going to another where I will have eternal life with my friend and saviour Jesus forever.

When I see a rainbow, I see a promise of eternal life. What do you see? Where is your hope today?

Rainbow photo Dave Hoefler. Found at Unsplash.

Reveal yourself – a prayer

Day 21 and the word prompt for #wonderfulladvent is reveal.

Dear Jesus 
I am struggling to pray.
There is so much I want to say.
You asked the most sacred one if you could leave heaven and come to Earth.
You didn't do this for selfish ambition or fame.
You did this because you love us and want us in eternity with you more than anything.
My heart is breaking this Christmas Jesus.
People are living in the dark.
Fear, disillusion, depair seem to be the fuel.
Lord Jesus please reveal yourself this year to a nation and world suffocating in darkness.
We long to see your truth revealed to a nation full of dry bones.
Hope and joy that only flows from you restored
To hearts so fervently against you softened with eyes and ears opened to the reality of a saviour born in a stable.

The unexpected diary entry

Day 20 already of #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is unexpected. I pray people will be gracious and forgiving with me on this post as I let my imagination run.

Dear Diary, March 1BC

Seriously I am unexpectedly calm but at the same time all over the place!


It all started so normally. Just another day in my life.

I got up and did all my normal things. Got washed, dressed, did my chores and of course was day dreaming about my guy Joe. Joe and I are getting married. I know he will understand and be just as excited as me 😊😍

I was in my room, just having some quiet time with God. Praying, reading scripture. I do this everyday.

SUDDENLY there was this bright bright light encompassing me and a strange man in my room! He even called me by name. Hello Mary he said.

My heart was racing, and I was obviously looking scared and visibly trembling as he told me not to be afraid.

There was something about his voice. A calmness which had an authority about it. He called me favoured one. He said he was a messenger of God. He even had a name Gabriel.

As I calmed I could see this was not a man, he had wings and was oozing gold and light. I remember feeling my trembling stopping, my heart beat returning to normal, almost being back in my body. It’s strange what you notice and remember in the midst of things.

Gabriel his voice smooth beautifully musical brought me a message. A message from God no less! WOAH WOW WOAH!. Me not Molly or Joanna or Grace, ME! Not sure how much they will believe me either when I tell them next girls night in.

Ok now here is where it gets really surreal! This Angel has casually rocked up in my quiet time with the bomb shell of all bomb shells.

Gabriel is telling me I AM PREGNANT with GODS CHILD no less. !!!! Being the girl I am I did politely point out this is impossible.

Gabriel not even blinking at the impossible and I’m sure he would of wanted to huff! This is God’s son, conceived of the Spirit. The long awaited messiah. God’s chosen one.

I have read the scriptures but me. We have been waiting for this moment for hundreds of years. But me. A normal everyday girl. Wow wow wow.

Gabriel must be reading my mind. Before I get to utter a word. He tells me, my cousin Elizabeth is also with child. My being cannot argue and the Spirit helps me accept and understand. God’s presents completely takes over.

I am at peace, favoured, let it be is all I can say.

The light suddenly gone along with my angel. But a presence so strong not gone. Prayer, praise and worship flow out from my soul. Time to think and reflect.

Having time to digest and reflect to Elizabeth’s I must go. Some thing tells me she will understand.

Your name

Day 16 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is name

Your name is in the wind 
In the gentle breeze
And gusty gale
The sea calms
At your command
The sun and moon
Bow before your throne

Your name brings peace
Freedom and joy
Mountains tremble
The earth shakes
There is power in your name

You know my name
You know the hairs on my head
You know my every need
You love me so much
Your word become flesh
At Christmas time
Born to save
The baby named Jesus

If your feeling low, bow down low

Day 12 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is low.

If this Christmas is tough for you. Let’s face it, 2020 has been tough for the most stable of people.

If your feeling low or struggling with low self esteem, remember YOU are the apple of God’s eyes.

Yes you. God thinks your amazing, perfectly made and loves YOU.

God doesn’t want to see you struggling, sad, alone or low. God wants to empower you through his Holy Spirit. God wants to make you new and lift you up.

This Christmas in the middle of a pandemic, stop, think and reflect on what Christmas means to you.

If you accept Jesus stepped out of heaven and became fully human as God’s own son and that he saw and experienced all we do. Then bow low and worship him.

As you bow low feel your chains fall of as you break free into joy, confidence, peace, love and grace.

Remember this Christmas actual doors and buildings may be closed but churches are open virtually along with charities. If you need help ask for help and don’t struggle alone.

Are you there yet on the journey?

Journey is the word for #wonderfulladvent day 9.

From the time God made Abraham look at the night sky and promised him more descendents than the stars. To the time Isaiah prophesied about the root of Jesse

From King David to a humble carpenter named Joseph. A walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem over 80 miles. From our births to now. We are all on a journey.

A journey where we often ask “are we there yet?”

Just as Abraham waited for his Son. Just as a nation waited for their messiah. Just as Mary believed the Angel and Joseph was obedient.

We all live in that hope.

Our journey takes us many places through joy, sadness, hope, light and darkness.

For some of us it takes longer to see the truth. But whatever our journey and where that takes us, God’s promises are true.

God walks through our journey with us, the spirit holding our hands.

Are you there yet?