Thank you 2020

Dear Jesus
If I could put my thoughts of 2020 to you in a letter or prayer. What would they look like and reflect of 2020

To say it is been a difficult year. Would probably be most people's understatement.
But as I reflect this cold New Years eve morning. I still thank you for every moment.

Lord Jesus you still break chains. Even in a pandemic
Setting people free from all that bound them tight.

I thank you for every tear you wiped.Too many this year to count.The workers on the front line you kept safe, strong and engerised. Who cared and loved each patient COVID or not.

I thank you for the key workers. Who worked to keep us safe, fed, watered and provided for every basic need.
From supermarket workers to delivery drivers keeping us very much sane.

I thank you Lord for workers not recognised.who continually worked without us knowing. Giving us a little bit of normal.I thank you that you are God of provision and that has never once stopped.

I thank you that I have learnt age is just a number.For Captain Tom and all those who raised such large amounts for others. For Marcus Rashford and his love for children so in need.

I thank you for the mindless TV that provided light relief. For the beautiful spring and summer, weather so beautiful to enjoy. For the cold crisp winter and that the real Christmas can never be cancelled.

I thank you for your church. The body not the building. For your church online, still shining. Actions of love over flowing. Your church still far to human showing your grace and living magnificently in this strangest of time.

I thank you for technology that has made 2020 happen. Keeping as many in jobs as can be.

Lord Jesus, I know there is no magic tick of the clock. When 2021 is here nothing much will change.

But I prayer our hearts will be the key. More people giving their lives to you. Building up hope, grace and mercy. Showing love to one another that can only come from heaven.

So Jesus as I thank you for all of 2020, the joy, smiles and breakthroughs that never made it to the news.

I take this opportunity to pray for 2021. I pray you will be in this year, shining brighter than ever. Breaking chains, bringing freedom, healing, repentance and love. Uniting us to you the son. The one that truly understands us and all that we need.


God still works in the bleak seasons

I go into the conservatory because it is light and bright. It can also be cold and chilling to the bones in the winter months.

I can hear the birds more from here. A chorus that rivals no other. Glimpses of them feeding from their feeder. The brave coming out to fly over head, the bright blue sky for a background.

Even amid the houses and gardens, a small part of God’s beauty is to be seen.

The icy frost glittering off shed roofs, fence tops and cars, making spider web patterns on the grass.

The loney Christmas rose bringing flowering beauty to a bleak limbo.

Shrubs and trees a mixture of greenery and twigs. Sheltering hibernating animals keeping them cosy and warm.

This time between Christmas and New year, when we wrap up warm and snuggle indoors. God’s beauty is still with us in the sunset and sunrise.

From cold morning frost to clear dark nights twinkling their starlights.

Just as our bleak year of 2020 comes to an end, God works his nature under the ground preparing for his next season.

It there may not feel like much to appreciate in this pandemic. But every loved one still with us, healthy and well. For those still with jobs count your blessings not woes.

For those in a dark place, do not let it overflow. Take heart that God is still in this place. God is using this time like the season. To plan and create a new spring. In you and on this earth. Bringing forth new blooms and flowers in the season. 

Let God bring you peace in this season of winter pandemic. Stay strong in hope and peace as God works in us under the surface planting new bulbs and flowers in our hearts ready for the next season.

Jesus isn’t just for Christmas

Christmas isn't over
It is in us all year round
Epiphany still to come
Along with a new year

2020 will go down in history
Described by just one word
2021 can still bring more
But hope is what we aim for

Our hope is the baby
Whose birth we are still celebrating
A child that grows to an innocent man
Mis-convicted for our sin

This murdered man named Jesus
Didn't stay dead long
He rose again from his fight
Resurrection, bringing new life

Jesus doesn't leave us
Through his spirit he is with us
Wiping tears, holding us tight
In the dark times shining light

Whatever 2021 holds
One thing remains the same
Jesus our rock, our anchor
Today, tomorrow forever, whatever the day

Trust and promise

I missed #wonderfulladvent yesterday due to having to play Santa and a sudden change of COVID tier restrictions. The prompt words for day 14 &15 are trust and promise. These words go so well together so here we go.

I trust in your promises
From rainbows in the sky
To holding me close
And wiping every tear
I trust every word is true
You fulfilled every promise
From times long ago
You stepped out of heaven
At Christmas time
Born out of hope
Completing and fulfilling
All that was foretold
Bridging the gap
Between life and death
One day when my body
Can take no more
The ultimate promise I trust
Eternity in heaven
With the one I love

If your feeling low, bow down low

Day 12 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is low.

If this Christmas is tough for you. Let’s face it, 2020 has been tough for the most stable of people.

If your feeling low or struggling with low self esteem, remember YOU are the apple of God’s eyes.

Yes you. God thinks your amazing, perfectly made and loves YOU.

God doesn’t want to see you struggling, sad, alone or low. God wants to empower you through his Holy Spirit. God wants to make you new and lift you up.

This Christmas in the middle of a pandemic, stop, think and reflect on what Christmas means to you.

If you accept Jesus stepped out of heaven and became fully human as God’s own son and that he saw and experienced all we do. Then bow low and worship him.

As you bow low feel your chains fall of as you break free into joy, confidence, peace, love and grace.

Remember this Christmas actual doors and buildings may be closed but churches are open virtually along with charities. If you need help ask for help and don’t struggle alone.

Lockdown part 2!

As England decides to catch up with the rest of the UK. A prospect of lockdown in dark autumn to winter nights seems gloomy.

Concern for nurses and carers. Only able to see parents from a distance. Unemployment at an all time low. We need hope to breakthrough.

It’s time to start thinking outside the box. Showing love and compassion creatively. To stop thinking about problems in a worldly way, but in a supernatural way.

Leave the science to the scientists. Let’s tackle what we can. Showing love to neighbours. Buying extra food for foodbanks if we are able to. Having a clear out, will things we no longer use be a help to others?

We can still plan Christmas, just not in the same way. Write and post cards to let others people know you are thinking of them. Reflect what Christmas means to you. Open your heart to a baby boy and see what emotions arise.

We are created imaginatively, by a creative God. Let God show us ways to support each other in new imaginative ways. Let us stand firm on our rock, unshakable in Christ


I don’t get Halloween!

Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,

Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!

William M Runyan – Great is thy faithfulness
This Halloween
In the middle of a pandemic
Why would you want it to be
About death, zombies and fear

Scaring one another may be your thing
But showing love and kindness
Is surely a happier thing

So this year my Halloween
Will be filled with colour
Rainbows, lights and promises
Hope for the now and the future

Family time within the rule of 6
With cake, strictly and sport is bliss
No hiding in dark shadows
Just being us on an autumnal night

Why celebrate death in such a despairing way
For to me death is eternity in heaven
Singing, dancing, praising
With Jesus forever