From …..

I haven’t participated in five minute Friday for a while. The prompt word is FROM. Here goes …..

How bright were the stars
Before electricity
Took their shine away
So many stars
A universe so vast
A billion sparking lights

The brightest star
Has been and gone
Treated so shamefully
Yet the star will return
As I wait expectantly

God created beauty
From his secret workshop
Creativity flowing
Making beauty
From a formless place

In the perfect workshop
Is the perfect blue print
Creating imperfect people
To fulfil the master plan
The crafter makes no mistakes

This imperfect creation
Crafted by a God
Who gave his life for mine
In a mystery beyond all time
This is where I am from

Dear younger self

What would you tell your younger self?

Dear younger self
If I could go back and give you advice
I would firstly tell you
You don't know everything like you think you do
Take the advice

Love who you are
Embrace it
Don't desire attention
Love is pure not selfish
It is not lust
Being the prettiest, wealthiest or cleverest

You don't need comparison
Perfection or acceptance
Learn to be yourself
Love yourself
Accept yourself for who you are
No one else is like you
You are unique

You are not perfect and will never be
It doesn't matter
Love Jesus
Stand firm
Wear your armour
Love others no matter what

Sing out loud
Who cares that it is out of tune
Dance like your dad
Rhythm is not needed
Do not let anyone steal your sparkle

Praise God
Let him in every mundane part of your life
Hold firm to his promises
Just live each moment
With God alone

You are saved by grace
Nothing can change that
Even when you don't know it
You are influencing all around
You have wonderful friends and family
Most importantly
You have the most awesome God
Who provides in the most awesome way
Never leaving or forsaking you

Love life
It is precious
Embrace life and who you are

It’s not about us

It's not about us
It's all about you
We humbly walk with
God the father
Jesus the son
The Holy Spirit
Living in us
Keep our eyes on you
Our hearts beating as yours
Acting justly
Showing mercy
Humbly walking
Doing God's will
Not looking for praise
That points to us
But only to the father above

Embrace the challenge

A few weeks ago I wrote about embracing life just where we are.

I have a friend that has been in hospital for over 6 weeks now. She is going through a tough and challenging time.

My friend’s mum is a Christian but she has never chosen that path. My friend hasn’t made a commitment to Christ, but she is on the verge of something.

I find it hard at times to openly approach people about my faith. If I am asked I can talk about it for hours. If I am not asked it isn’t so easy.

When I approach my faith with others I like to put it in action or in ways they can understand. I was praying how I can approach this with my friend when she is only allowed one nominated visitor, which is her daughter. COVID prevention rules. My friend is so unwell all communication has been through others or messaging.

I felt that God was telling me to make her some prayer cards. I am not an artist or artistically gifted. However I can be creative. So I decided to embrace the challenge.

I made prayer cards based on the fruit of the spirit. Writing the prayers was easy. How to make them look a wee bit pretty that I needed to embrace.

I used the little talent I do have and jazzed it up. I cut, stuck and glued with my own hand writing and adding some dots to it.

I bravely got the cards to my friend in hospital and she loves them. She has been showing them to the hospital Chaplin and others.

My prayer now is that she uses them and they open up conversations about Jesus and making a commitment.

So if you feel you are not gifted or challenged in doing something out of your comfort zone. Embrace the challenge and let the Holy Spirit lead. You may be surprised at the result.

Take my distractions away

Lord of the heaven and earth
How quickly I get distracted
Jobs to do
People to see
And the games on the tablet
The hours spent wasted

Keep me focused on you alone
With my eyes on heavenly realms
Constantly praying
Having you on my mind
Singing and dancing
Praise all around

Let me feast on your blessings
Each treasure from heaven
Sharing with others
Your goodness abound
Leaving the earthly
Firmly on the ground

Let my being be more than natural
Carrying your presence supernaturally
Not limiting you
Let your Spirit abound
Showing others around
The possiblities abound

Be my heart beat Lord I pray
Not easily distracted
Just running the race
Joyful and accepting
No matter the finishing place
Eternity in heaven the ultimate place

Just embrace where you are.

It’s time to stop making excuses & embrace where we are in life.

God made us all uniquely. We can’t compare ourselves or our circumstances to any one else.

We are UNIQUE, AMAZING, LOVED, CHERISHED just for being us. Isn’t it time we embraced that.

When things don’t work out the way we want. Is God trying to get our attention? When life isn’t feeling fair where are our eyes? On ourselves or God?

We have all been in circumstances where we can’t see clearly in the moment. If you look back to each of those moments you can see God pouring out love, peace, joy, forgiveness, restoration, transformation, provision & freedom. The the list goes on.

Our circumstances do not stop us doing God’s unique job he designed us for. We may not even know what it is. But we are all called to a great commission. All we need is Jesus.

I will never be a worship leader unless it is a choir of cats! I will probably never publish a book. I will never be a millionaire. Who cares? I have my little blog. However out of tune my worship is, God is listening to my heart and intent. I have food on the table, a roof over my head & a flushing loo! I am blessed.

Whatever your present circumstances, embrace them. Whether this is just to be still & listen or if you are called for action. Embrace it & let God lead.

And do not forget you are fearfully & wonderfully made & let your soul sing of this.

You are loved

It doesn’t matter how old you are! 30 secs old or 120 years old. YOU ARE LOVED.

The very conservative middle class town I Iive in has recently suffered 3 teenage suicides. I find this heartbreaking.

I have no idea the reasons why they did this or what life looked like for them but this should not be happening in a so called first world country with access to so much mental and physical health support. A country where we preach about being kind to one another, where in reality we all struggle with that, mostly unintentionally.

Life is precious. You are precious. BELIEVE IT.

As a Christian you can’t believe in God without believing in the devil. The biggest thing the devil does is lie to you. He will tell you your worthless take away your confidence and bring you down because he wants you in his camp. We all fall for those lies at times.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

Jesus came because he loves YOU! He loves YOU with a love that can never be quashed, taken away, removed or dampened.

Jesus loves YOU for being YOU no other reason.

It is an unexplainable love. You may not understand it, get it or even believe in it but is is there and nothing YOU can do can stop it.


However hard, whatever your struggle. Stop listening to the lie. If things feel out of control get professional help. PRAY you may be surprised at the answer.

But whatever you are going through right now remember …..


Peace & Faith

In mental health week what a great promise. A gift of peace for heart & mind especially for YOU.

A world that feels like it is spinning out of control does not bring peace of mind. So what is this gift and where is it from.

Faith is not a myth and neither is Jesus. I can’t argue in any sensical way why I believe in a man that died over 2000 years ago or the gift of peace he brings.

But that is faith!

Believing in what is unseen. Knowing the unseen is true. Releasing control of the self to some one more powerful is liberating.

Jesus left us with a gift. A gift of peace. A gift that provides peace of mind. I can honestly say in the darkest of moments when I call out to God I have felt peace rise.

Peace rising from the core of my very being.

When I don’t ask for peace & try to sort chaos & troubles out in my own way, stress, anxiety & depression creep in.

Unrest and unpeace rule.

Let’s accept the gift of peace today that Jesus left with us through the Holy Spirit.

Your gift of peace is what you left 
Let us accept this openly
Not carrying on in our strength
But yours alone

We need your peace
To keep us safe
Protecting our minds & hearts
Knowing you have this
What ever our current this is

Thank you that you share your peace
So caring & lovingly
Protecting minds & hearts from fear
Walking with us in our lives
Tenderly where we are

Walking in faith

Everyday I walk in faith 
The son of God I trust
Even though we have not met
In human terms that is

Walking in the resurrection
Not in death
Or an empty tomb
Just full expectation

Whether my vision is cloudy
Or the way lit bright
I walk in the presence
Faithfully holding tight

In the good & bad times
Death & life
Confusion & complacency
My walk continuing expectantly

It is not always easy
At times I trip
But the one I believe in
Always holding me tightly

You may not understand
Why I follow blindly
But dare to look for faith
In a God that loves you boldly

Rejoice what ever the view

God has made this day
Especially for you
To walk in freedom
Grace & mercy
Just because he loves you

Depending on your view
Determines what you see
Fluffy white clouds
Perfect blue skies
Or thunder clouds gathering

You might be looking down
From a mountain peak
Or looking at the hill
You still need to climb
While resting in the field

While walking by a spring
Do you think of jumping in
Splashing cares away
For there are no worries
When God is splashing with you

Even if your day is stormy
Your boat being bashed
Giant waves surround
But never swallow you
When God is by your side

So whatever your view
God is holding your hand
Dancing, singing, crying
Meeting you where you are
Why wouldn't you rejoice