What is your prize at the end of the race?

Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is endure. You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com

Winning a prize. I can’t say I would be happy to win a place in a Marathon, triathlon or Iron man race.

But people do and are even overjoyed by it!

Personally it is not something I would want to do or let my body endure. However people are all different and some people love putting their mental and physical wellbeing through all sorts of strain just to get that bright shiny medal.

There is nothing wrong with this it just isn’t my idea of fun.

My race is life. It’s how I choose to live it. My end goal, prize, shiny medal is eternity in heaven with Jesus.

I can’t just say Jesus I believe your the son of God and that you died for me. Even thought he did.

I can’t expect forgiveness every time I tell Jesus I messed up again on purpose. Even though I get that forgiveness.

My race is how I choose to live each day. Do I choose to reflect the light of Jesus in all my actions or hide them under a basket.

Jesus never promises us an easy life. Every one, however perfect they life looks has probably endured or is enduring pain, heartache and hardship.

We can give up on our race in mile 1 or 25 or we can ask the Holy Spirit to sustain and carry us when our endurance feels like it’s done and we just want everything to over.

The prize at the end will be worth it beyond imagination.

Hope and joy, no dry bones.

Listening to the news it's hard to to see the joy,
Self employed with no income,
Redundancies becoming abundant

A pandemic is still real,
People getting sick
A virus that shouldn't exist,
Taking too many lives.

People already sick,
Not getting the treatment they need,
The grieving not being able, to say goodbye to loved ones,
Mourners at a graveside not allowed to hug.

Nurses exhausted, a country on its knees,
The government trying to do its best while sleeping comfortably in their beds.

It's hard to see the joy,
A hope, an end in sight.
When will our country realise,
It's not about us?

It's about a God that is real,
That wants to heal each breaking heart.
A God that is next to you,
Waiting to be seen.

A God that won't let our spirits be crushed,
A God that understands grief.
A God that sent his Son to die,
So that we can live.

If your unsure,
You may or may not believe,
struggling in a pandemic,
with hearts and bones drying up.

Try calling out to God today,
Accept his Son loves you to the cross and back.
Ask for joy and hope today
I think your be surprised
At the answer you will get.

Refresh us we pray.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

Psalm 51:12

It’s pretty soggy here today in sleepy Sussex.

The rain is gently tipping and tapping on the conservatory roof. There is the heavier sound of dripping, plop, plop, plopping running of the roof. My house using nature for the percussion section of the orchestra.

I love listening to the rain and like many have been feeling tired, weary and run down for a few weeks now.

The gorgeous hot weather we had in spring, in true British fashion has disappeared as it is officially summer. We are allowed outside but we must find the umbrella.

As the rain taps away and the colours of the garden come to life. I think about my inner being and how I need to be refreshed once more.

I am still close to Jesus. He isn’t far away. However at time like so many at times I become distracted by life and my soul can feel dry.

So in my busy day, of work I have to do. I will make time to sit, chill and ask to be refilled. For Jesus to come close and refresh and restore me once more by his Holy Spirit.

Dear Jesus,
Fill and refresh us today with your Holy rain.
Your Spirit that brings such fruit and fills us with joy.
Let us be patient with one another in such difficult times.
Let us feel your love and share it with others.
Prune our souls so our gentleness, peace, kindness, faithfulness and self control is a witness to you.
Let us lift and support each other through your example to us and no other as we live today for you.

People are not always easy.

Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is people. You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com

People are tricky things. I understand why some people want to lock themselves away with their pets and avoid other people at all costs. People can be mean and nasty.

We need people in our lives. We need doctors and nurses to look after our health. People to collect our rubbish and unblock our drains. To service our boilers and cars. We need people for these things and so much more.

We need people we like to give us a hug and advice when life is tough. We need people to pray for us, support us and encourage us.

Sadly as people we don’t always agree, and let prejudices get in the way. It is hard to love one another when you want to slap them round the face. Sadly true emotions and feelings get in the way. Especially went you feel like your hitting your head against a wall.

God commands us to love one another. It’s not a love one another when your playing nice, or their hot, cute or being kind. It is a down right let’s get dirty love. We have to love one another when people people hurt us, challenge us and want to fight us in the trenches.

Loving people is far from easy. It’s something I am not always good at. But when I struggle to love others, I give it to God. Sometimes it is easier than other times. I ask God to bless them and remind myself how I kept Jesus nailed to the cross and ask for peace and vison to see the truth.

It may take time it isn’t always instantaneous. I may never see the truth but as peace falls, anger fades and clarity appears. God takes control.

God doesn’t give up on me, I can’t give up on people who I don’t agree with. God’s will always prevails

Open the doors heaven.

It’s a beautiful Thursday so far, bearing in mind I have been up less than an hour.

The sun is glowing, the bird song harmonious. What a glorious day before work.

Dear Jesus
What a day this would be if we saw your gates of heaven open.
An out pouring of your spirit like never before.
People's hearts and eyes opened seeing the truth of your death and resurrection.
People turning back to you Jesus, living for you.
A people without fear and living in your hope.
A nation singing and putting their trust in you.
I know it's all about the Holy Fathers timing, and his will be done not ours.
But if we can have a glimpse of heaven touching earth today.
People being Baptised in water and fire.
No more fear only hope. No more poverty only riches.
We are a nation of dry bones in a desert. Please bring us back to life today.

God will provide if we let him.

I’m not feeling quite so winsome on this Wedneday.

The sun is shining which is nice, but in the UK, Leicester has gone back to lockdown, with no idea what that implies or how it will be policed.

Redundancies now seem to be happening. Employment is set to hit a record high. The virus seems to affect everyone in different ways.

This virus shouldn’t be about health or wealth. Everyone should be entitled to good health without counting the cost. Wealth shouldn’t be about holidays and designer brands but living with food on the table, bills paid and being free of fear, enjoying moments with family and friends.

With the NHS just recovering what does this mean for mental health?

When will people realise all they need is here! When will we stop doing every thing in our strength and start taking it to God. How can we solve the problem when we created it.

People are quick to blame. Even God himself but why not give him a chance, I know you will be surprised.

When I have been at rock bottom, God has always come through. When we had no food on the table, some one would turn up unknown with dinner. When one of the children needed a laptop for college, someone at church was giving one away free. When our car died, someone offered to buy us a new one.

God is a God of provision who stands by his promises. Instead of running on fear. Search for running on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. When we let God and Jesus in and let go of our own power, you will start to see miracles happening in the most challenging times.

Tuesday’s not Monday

Tuesday’s not Monday
At least we have made it past that.
The sun is clouded
The day outside is dreary.

In our hearts
It’s up to us how we shine.
Do we share our sparkle today
Or act all grey.

One thing is sure
Whatever the weather
Whatever the storm
We stand firm in our anchor.

Each step we take
We walk with Jesus
From opening an e-mail
To our Microsoft team meetings.

We may not be able to say his name
But Jesus is in our smile
Our hearts and words
As we spread our encouragement
Throughout the day.

Let us not be grumpy
But full of joy
Whatever the circumstance
And spread some smiles today.

Monday morning once again.

It’s Monday again,
How does it go so fast?
The weekends go past in a blink
And it’s time for work once again.

The weeks seems to go fast,
July is knocking at the door.
It seems like only days ago,
March’s lockdown was put in place.

The flowers are blooming,
Brighter than ever,
Birds singing,
Clearer than ever.

It will be shame when the planes
Invade the crystal blue sky again,
But life must go on for some,
Even in a pandemic.

We need in true Brit style,
To drink our tea,
Discuss the weather
And keep our upper lip!

But most of all
We need our God
To be with us throughout the week
With every breath we take.

Our weekly service may be over
But God still is near,
Through his Holy Spirit
Wiping every tear.

So whatever our weeks hold in store
Let’s not forget to prayer each day.
Put God first in all our days
And let him lead the way.

Sunday morning.

Sunday morning,
The sun is shining bright,
The wind blowing not so gently
The service about to begin.

It may not be in a building,
With a band, a choir or organ,
But there’s no restrictions in our homes,
To say we can’t sing along.

Our church is in our heart each day,
One big family,
With God as the head,
The reason we unite.

And like all families,
we don’t always agree,
But we forgive,
And love each other anyway.

Our church is not our building,
It is having Jesus in our hearts,
Why not click a link online,
In these COVID times
And give the church a go?

You may find it’s all about hope,
Forgiveness, grace and love,
A bunch of people just like you,
United in one God.

You may not feel you do believe,
It’s all a myth, Why bother,
On the other hand something may happen,
And stir within your heart.

You find salvation,
A spark of hope,
The love you always search for,
Come and give it a go.

The choice is always yours,
There is no pressure,
Only your free will
And love beyond all measure.

FMF comprise

Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is compromise. You don’t make it easy Miss Kate.  You can join in the fun here: https://fiveminutefriday.com

I can’t find compromise in the bible,
Does that mean all is black and white?
Didn’t God make a covenant with a rainbow?
Of red, orange, blue and purple.

Aren’t we all unique?
Reflecting the very nature of our God?
Surely the message should be the same,
Love the Lord with all our heart and soul,
And love one another as ourselves.

Reading the news,
All doom and gloom,
Should we comprise on our health?
Our culture, our faith, our very beliefs?

Was there a compromise for Jesus?
I really don’t think there was,
He did what he did because he loves us so,
Maybe it’s time we did the same.

So if we really want to be kind,
Lets spread the gospel,
And love the best,
Through our actions and the Holy Spirit,
Not compromising along the way……