Heaven touching earth

I decided to make the most of being first up today, by listening to some worship songs in my, me time with God.

You tube put at the top of my list, Spirit break out. I wasn’t planning on putting this on but felt I needed this more than ever today, so hit play.

Our Father

All of Heaven roars Your name

Sing louder

Let this place erupt with praise

Can you hear it

A sound of Heaven touching earth

A sound of Heaven touching earth

Songwriters: Ben Bryant / Myles Dhillon / Luke Hellebronth / Tim Hughes

At this time, with corona virus ruling the earth, I have never felt more than ever, that I need heaven to touch earth.

But what does heaven touching earth sound and look like. I absolutely have no idea!

One thing I am certain about though, is that in these times of isolation and fear, we will see the Holy Spirit breaking out. Bringing hope, healing and miracles to many who have never experienced this before.

Relationships will be fixed as people start to question their humanity and mortality.

The churches will not be silenced or isolated, just because we are not in a building. We will be out there, in our great commission explaining and reaping the harvest for God’s glory alone. We do not need to go outside our 4 walls to share testimonies and pray for others.

Whatever the sound of heaven touching earth is. I hope it’s barely heard over the earth singing its praises back to God, reaching up and touching heaven.

The same but different.

The Five minute Friday prompt this week is adjust. You just write for 5 minutes. No scribbling or perfection, just reflection. If you would like to join the group click here: https://fiveminutefriday.com


Sitting here in the quiet. I’m the only one up. It is peaceful and calm.

A quiet before my youngest is up and bouncing around.

The sky is already blue, the air is crisp and nippy. Birds are singing a beautiful spring day is emerging.

However the day is not normal, whatever normal is? We all have to adjust to the pandemic around us.

Working from home, schooling from home brings its challenges. A new appreciation for teachers is rising around us.

Last night we were out clapping for doctors and nurses. Doing much more than their best, in such hard circumstances.

But whatever our adjustments one thing stays the same. Jesus is our hope, our future our King.


As you can tell I struggled today. Far from my finest work. But 5 minutes to clear our heads is sometimes all we need .


God’s promises.

This cross was a present from a wonderful friend when I was going through a tough time last year.

She gave it to me as a reminder of God’s promises on my life. That God never leaves me and is taking my struggles and turning them into a much bigger blessing.

I am blessed more than ever today. Not necessarily in an obvious materialistic way, but the blessings of a gracious God are all around me. I may be stuck indoors from a pandemic just like everyone else but that doesn’t mean God can’t use this time for his glory. And when we come out of this, I think it will all be down to God’s glory.

Those who look to him (God) for help will be filled with joy. No shame will darken there faces.

Psalm 34v5

The bible is full God’s promises. They are on almost every page. Promises of hope, love and our future. Promises of God never leaving us.

In this time of uncertainty find your promise of God that reminds you in your darkest times that God is still with you. Even if you can’t feel him.

Whatever your promise looks like, a rainbow, a verse,a photo or a piece of jewellery. Keep it near to remind you that God has a promise and purpose for you.

The one who called you is faithful and will do what is promised

1 Thessalonians 5 v24


Springing forth new life

Sitting in the garden, a cold and gentle breeze blowing. The sun is warmly glowing.

Peace is all around. Not a plane in the sky. Beautifully crystal blue with not a cloud in sight.

New signs of life everywhere. Be still be, be quiet, look.

Birds are singing, the first bee appeared. Spring is coming, the ground gently awakening.

New buds, new shoots. Daffodils. Greenery coming through. A new season of hope is coming to revive and make things new.

Lord be in this season. Make us afresh anew. Be our hope, our awakening. Bring life, not death to all.

In this period of isolation, let us see your beauty of creation. Let us appreciate all we have and nurture it with your love.

Hope for tomorrow.

The Five minute Friday prompt this week is Tomorrow. I am finding it a little ironic though, as I am writing this on a Saturday, means it’s already tomorrow! https://fiveminutefriday.com

The sun’ll come out


Bet your bottom dollar

That tomorrow

There’ll be sun!


Appolgises to anyone who now has an ear worm stuck in there head!

I have to admit I have never seen Annie, so I can’t really discuss the plot but this song speaks to me of a little girl with hope.

As Christians we live in hope, today, tomorrow and beyond. Our hope may not be easy to explain, or physically be visable to everyone around us, but it is with us always.

Jesus is our hope, rock and firm foundation we need nothing else.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.

Matthew 6 v34

I am a natural worrier, but can say honestly I am not worried about this fearful scary time we are living in.

COVID 19 may be new but sadly redundancies, poverty, sickness and fear isn’t. We may not have been through these things before in such dramatic circumstances but we have overcome them before and will overcome them again.

The reason we overcome them is not because we are strong, it is because our God, our rock is bigger and stronger than anything this world can throw at us. God lives in us through his Holy Spirit.

God never leaves his children.

If you don’t know God or Jesus yet, don’t put it off. Search for him today. He is everywhere. There are so many church services and encouragments online. More than ever. If you are unsure where to start, comment in the box and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Faith not fear in a crazy world.

As corona virus seems to be spreading and people fall into either a “stop over reacting” or “PANIC” camp, I am finding it harder to explain my faith.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.

Hebrews 11 v 1

A lot of people argue with “If God exists, why does he let this happen?”.

But what is actually happening? Not even 2% of the UK population have been infected yet. We are running on FEAR! We are letting in fear and giving it control.

I am not playing this down as I am in an “at risk” category, if I were to catch this.

However it seems that fear has the foothold in most people’s lives and not hope.

So going back to my original thought. How do I explain my God and my Jesus, who are loving and merciful to everyone who can only see fear.

Faith to me is hope. It is hope in something I can’t see. Just like the actual virus! I can’t see it or fully explain it . However I am certain both exist, even though I may not be able to prove it to you.

My hope and faith is that I am certain God will rise up in this pandemic, with stories of miracles, and love will trample over all this fear. That an antidote will be found and sanity will resume.

Although I know not everyone agrees with me. It is a fact that Jesus walked and died on this earth. If you believe he did this for you. If you believe he conquered death and fear for you – you really can live in freedom and hope, while everyone around you can seem insane.

Just let Jesus in – pray and accept Jesus as Lord, relinquishing all your wrong doings.


Only Jesus’s story in our lives.

#10daywritingchallenge day 2 the FMF prompt word is story

I guess we all have a story to tell. It’s which one we decided to tell and how we tell it that matters.

The most important story we have in our lives is the story of Jesus. This could be straight out the bible or a personal encounter.

We need to share these stories. We are running the race for God. We carry the baton in our hand and have to keep passing this baton from generation to generation.

Our baton is Jesus and all he has done and is doing for us. Whether that is through bible stories or personal experience we have to keep passing the baton in our relay race

It is the only way we can ensure people can know about Jesus and his promise of freedom, peace and salvation.

Without Jesus we are nothing. We need to share this amazing news with everyone. Jesus’s name and story must continue and we need to relay that to all our future generations and everyone we know.

It doesn’t matter if we aren’t remembered as long as Jesus name continues forever.

This brings us back to the Casting Crowns song – Only Jesus

This song seems to be everywhere I turn at the moment. It is only Jesus whatever we do. He is the centre our all.

Do all our stories centre around Jesus?