We started our adventure 4 weeks ago. As ever packing up and following. Now feeling like we are in a hole. We trust and know Jesus has a plan. It’s just hard to see it right now.

You promised an adventure Jesus 
As ever the road full of bumps
Emotions on overload
The smooth road far too busy
People looking for perfection
Why would we go there

Let's go on that adventure Jesus
We won't need our armour
The way beautiful and straight
Nothing will go wrong
No bandits, thieves or robbers
Where did that mountain come from

The adventure in this realm Jesus
Is getting tiresome
The enemys arrows sweeping in
Doubt trying to break in
To rest in green pasture we need
With the shepherd by our side

Stay with us on the adventure Jesus
Never leave our side
Keep us focused on eternity
Not the superficial realm
Strengthen and protect us
So we feel your spirit dwelling inside

Thank you for this adventure Jesus
There is no one else
We trust to travel with
It may not be a first class airplane ticket
But your company the best
Protecting every footstep we take

Let this adventure Jesus
Turn into a much more
As each step of faith
Although here on earth
Turns into something much bigger
More wonderful than words

The adventure not over Jesus
We can't wait to see the end
The outcome so spectacular
Hard for many to take in
Let it glorify you only
Bringing lives alive in faith

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