My husband is a huge Jeremy Camp fan and was listening to some of his music at the weekend. Keep me in the moment was playing and as I was squallingly singing along when the line ” Cause I don’t wanna miss what you have for me” really spoke to me.

Like many others I really believe that God has something special in store for our family this year. God has broken so many chains for us over the last couple of years and it feels like the last hurdle to climb is in sight and we are nearly at the finishing line.

However in all our plans, ups and downs I wonder how much of God’s goodness I am missing out on by focusing on the one goal.

I am not saying dreams and looking to the future are bad but if they are still in my head and not in  reality yet what am I missing out on by not living in the moment.

 oh Lord, keep me in the moment

Help me live with my eyes wide open

‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what you have for me

Singing oh Lord, show me what matters

Throw away what I’m chasing after

‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what you have for me

Jeremy Camp

It is good to have dreams and believe God will get us there but we have to live in each moment with God whatever that looks like.

We need to make the most of each moment. Conversations over coffee, hugs and wiping each other’s tears. Sharing the love, laughs and smiles while we can. These opportunities we do not want to miss.

We can have the world in the world’s eyes but if we do not share Jesus with friends, families, colleague’s and strangers we are missing out on something  very special.

Let’s be wise with our precious time and ask God how we can use it wisely and not miss a single important moment.

Dear Jesus 
Let us live each and every moment with you. Let the spirit guide us showing us what we need to do. From enjoying your creation to fellowship with others.
Let us know when to hug, when to speak and when to rest.
What ever the path let us follow and never miss a God filled moment here on earth.

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