The FMF word prompt today is prayer. Something I always need work on. So much to say but only five minutes. (Just over sorry)

I treat you like an earthy friend
Dipping in and out when I can
Yet you are a Holy God
You deserve my very all

You come down to where I am
No expectations of me
You sit and listen
While I reel off every feeling

I pray
Rush off into my day
When you deserve my time
Worship and adoration

My prayers not always frequent
Often very selfish
I need to learn this art
Of conversation with my Lord

I need to dwell in your presence
So I never want to leave
Forgetting the world around
Just talking to my God

Help me to be more like Joshua
With you face to face
Breathing in your presence
Never wanting to leave

16 thoughts on “Conversations with my God

  1. Well done Loretta!
    Like Joshua, I should desire
    Your presence, Lord, and not to leave,
    but Iā€™m restless, heart afire,
    and therefore, Lord, I do believe
    that now I shall be on my way;
    catch You later, up the blue
    upon this or some other day,
    with no disrespect to You.
    I hear You sigh, see Your head shake,
    and You lay Your hand on mine,
    say Iā€™m making a mistake
    to turn away from the divine
    and step out of Your holy will
    to partake of earthly swill.

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