This weeks Five Minute Friday prompt word is rescue

Sometimes it is a case
Of wrong time wrong place
A lot of times it is
Its a case of
We've personally messed it up again
Deliberately or not

Whatever the trouble
Whatever the situation
Our superhero
Doesn't wear a cape
Have a gimmick or
Come from a comic book

Our rescuer depends on our perspective
As to whether seen or not
He rides on a white horse
With an Army of angels surrounding
Saving us from danger
And is with us all the time

No situation is too big or small
Our hero, Jesus
Wants to rescue us from all
Whatever your trouble
Call on the name
That saves us for eternity

16 thoughts on “FMF – God rescues

  1. Very proud and breaking bad,
    with a heart so very crass,
    one day I woke very glad
    that God would save my sorry…uh, burro.
    I thought I really possessed
    every question and its answer,
    but not in an age have guessed
    how I was to handle cancer,
    so God stepped in with heavy sigh
    and He wiped my fevered brow;
    “Yeah, dude, you are gonna die,
    so will you take salvation NOW?
    The devil really hopes you would,
    ’cause you’ll bring down his neighbourhood.”

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