I haven’t participated in five minute Friday for a while. The prompt word is FROM. Here goes …..

How bright were the stars
Before electricity
Took their shine away
So many stars
A universe so vast
A billion sparking lights

The brightest star
Has been and gone
Treated so shamefully
Yet the star will return
As I wait expectantly

God created beauty
From his secret workshop
Creativity flowing
Making beauty
From a formless place

In the perfect workshop
Is the perfect blue print
Creating imperfect people
To fulfil the master plan
The crafter makes no mistakes

This imperfect creation
Crafted by a God
Who gave his life for mine
In a mystery beyond all time
This is where I am from

13 thoughts on “From …..

  1. I recently read an article about why we don’t see as many stars or fireflies at night. And yes, it was attributed to the very many lights that are on in our communities now. May we be lights that shine in this dark world as we remember where we are from and to Whom we belong.

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    1. Thanks Terri 😊 I love to look at the stars too. I often wonder how stunning the sky looked when he got Abraham to look at the stars and that is decendants would be more. I have visited your Post too

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  2. Beautiful poem, Loretta!
    You inspired me, and I hope you enjoy the result.
    You light the nights in glory
    with galaxies aflame,
    and yet You know my story,
    and yet you know my name.
    You raised each Himalayan peak
    and crowned each one in white,
    but still You stoop to love the meek
    and find in them delight
    that makes Your heart reach out in care
    to hold them warm and near;
    Your breath is their sustaining air,
    You save their every tear,
    and gave the best You had to give,
    Your only Son, that they might live.

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