What would you tell your younger self?

Dear younger self
If I could go back and give you advice
I would firstly tell you
You don't know everything like you think you do
Take the advice

Love who you are
Embrace it
Don't desire attention
Love is pure not selfish
It is not lust
Being the prettiest, wealthiest or cleverest

You don't need comparison
Perfection or acceptance
Learn to be yourself
Love yourself
Accept yourself for who you are
No one else is like you
You are unique

You are not perfect and will never be
It doesn't matter
Love Jesus
Stand firm
Wear your armour
Love others no matter what

Sing out loud
Who cares that it is out of tune
Dance like your dad
Rhythm is not needed
Do not let anyone steal your sparkle

Praise God
Let him in every mundane part of your life
Hold firm to his promises
Just live each moment
With God alone

You are saved by grace
Nothing can change that
Even when you don't know it
You are influencing all around
You have wonderful friends and family
Most importantly
You have the most awesome God
Who provides in the most awesome way
Never leaving or forsaking you

Love life
It is precious
Embrace life and who you are

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