It’s time to stop making excuses & embrace where we are in life.

God made us all uniquely. We can’t compare ourselves or our circumstances to any one else.

We are UNIQUE, AMAZING, LOVED, CHERISHED just for being us. Isn’t it time we embraced that.

When things don’t work out the way we want. Is God trying to get our attention? When life isn’t feeling fair where are our eyes? On ourselves or God?

We have all been in circumstances where we can’t see clearly in the moment. If you look back to each of those moments you can see God pouring out love, peace, joy, forgiveness, restoration, transformation, provision & freedom. The the list goes on.

Our circumstances do not stop us doing God’s unique job he designed us for. We may not even know what it is. But we are all called to a great commission. All we need is Jesus.

I will never be a worship leader unless it is a choir of cats! I will probably never publish a book. I will never be a millionaire. Who cares? I have my little blog. However out of tune my worship is, God is listening to my heart and intent. I have food on the table, a roof over my head & a flushing loo! I am blessed.

Whatever your present circumstances, embrace them. Whether this is just to be still & listen or if you are called for action. Embrace it & let God lead.

And do not forget you are fearfully & wonderfully made & let your soul sing of this.

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