In mental health week what a great promise. A gift of peace for heart & mind especially for YOU.

A world that feels like it is spinning out of control does not bring peace of mind. So what is this gift and where is it from.

Faith is not a myth and neither is Jesus. I can’t argue in any sensical way why I believe in a man that died over 2000 years ago or the gift of peace he brings.

But that is faith!

Believing in what is unseen. Knowing the unseen is true. Releasing control of the self to some one more powerful is liberating.

Jesus left us with a gift. A gift of peace. A gift that provides peace of mind. I can honestly say in the darkest of moments when I call out to God I have felt peace rise.

Peace rising from the core of my very being.

When I don’t ask for peace & try to sort chaos & troubles out in my own way, stress, anxiety & depression creep in.

Unrest and unpeace rule.

Let’s accept the gift of peace today that Jesus left with us through the Holy Spirit.

Your gift of peace is what you left 
Let us accept this openly
Not carrying on in our strength
But yours alone

We need your peace
To keep us safe
Protecting our minds & hearts
Knowing you have this
What ever our current this is

Thank you that you share your peace
So caring & lovingly
Protecting minds & hearts from fear
Walking with us in our lives
Tenderly where we are

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