The prompt word today for #rethinkcreativelentchallenge is CALL

Picking up the phone 
To call a person
Is infrequently now used
Texting and messaging is the way
Why speak unless it's necessary

How many calls go unanswered
Because we don't recognise the number
They must be another prankster
Or scammer
No-one wants to just talk anymore

There is another form of communication
When you can call anytime
The person always answers
Listens and takes the time
Whatever you are after

You don't need to dial
Be in a good place
Emotionally available
Just yourself
However your feeling

So find a quiet place
Sit be still
Call on the name of the only one
That can truly help

Prayer isn't one sided
If you can hear the receivers voice
Don't panic
Be reassured he is there
Listening and ministering

No call of prayer ignored
For God is constantly there
So call him today
With all your cares
And see how he answers

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