The prompt word for #rethinkcreativelentchallenge is NAME

My name is written on your hands
Not on the back
Or like a telephone number
Or an appointment
needed to be kept
Just as a reminder

My name is not written in biro
You have no mum telling you
To go wash off the ink
It's not tattooed
Where ink will fade
Or in sharpie to cause dismay

My name is written on your palms
Of hands so beautiful
An intimate action caused
Scars and holes
The perfect symbol of love
Especially for me

My name is known to the holy one
Out of a population of millions
The infinite one knows me personally
And keeps me near and holds me close
Never letting go
He is with us for eternity

My name isn't the only one
Written on his hands
Look closely in the lines
Into the scars of love
There you will find
Your name with mine

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