So I am attempting a double whammy! The #fiveminuteFriday word prompt is Observant. I am also doing the #rethinkcreativelentchallenge and their prompt word is Sign. So blending the two together here is my 5 minutes of lunchtime creatively

I'm not very observant 
When it comes to noticing the signs
Do I go left or right
Round in a circle
Or jump up and down

Looking back in hindsight
Is such a great thing
But not a gift
Of time shifts
For changing outcomes of things

Maybe instead
Of having my head in a spin
Being in a dither
Not committing
Or choosing

I need to see the sign
Then be still be quiet
Letting the Holy Spirit lead
Following the sign
Which his wisdom provides

14 thoughts on “Observant to the signs?

  1. This really resonates with me Loretta! I can miss the obvious when it’s literally at the end of my nose. And on a spiritual level, I wonder how often I miss God speaking and interacting with me just because I’m not in tune or distracted.

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  2. Traffic signs, well I ignore
    them; those I do not need,
    and with the throttle to the floor
    I revel in speed,
    the kind that made my old dear friend
    who took offer of a ride
    leap away at journey’s end
    to find somewhere to hide.
    He could not bear the tyres’ squeal
    or, perhaps, worse yet,
    my one hand upon the wheel,
    in other, cigarette.
    The poor chap thought that I was mental,
    but hey, the car, it was a rental!

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