I wasn’t planning to have a break in my blog, but I did.

No particular reason except I was noticing signs of tiredness and fatigue in me and just needed refreshing

No dramatic story, nothing out of the ordinary, I just needed refreshing.

I don’t know about you dear reader but life even in pandemic times is busy. Life isn’t quieter, just different.

There is still work, school, church on Sunday’s, church groups, seeing family and friends. Albeit virtually. There is still washing, cooking and food shopping along with everything else.

We still have concerns over loved ones, because depression, poverty and other sickness does not stop in a pandemic.

Sometimes it all becomes noise in our heads.

When it does, take note! Do not become overwhelmed. Do not try and fight it, struggling to carry on.

When life becomes exhausting. Be still take it to God. Switch of the TV, your phone or laptop. Be still. You don’t need words or action. Just be still. Just sit in God’s presence.

Let God refresh you.

As I looked into my garden this morning and saw a fresh powdering of snow, I thought about the footprints in the sand poem. God doesn’t just carry us in the sand. He also carries us in the snow, rain, dewy sunrise and star filled nights and more.

Sometimes we just need to realise it is time to be still and be refreshed.

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