This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is SUNSHINE. You can join in the fun here:  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

The leaves are adorning my branches 
All shades of yellow and golden brown
Looking a little droopy
In a cold winter land

My roots holding me firm
Running deep underground
Looking for holy waters
To sustain me on shaky ground

Feeling wilted and tired
You refresh this weary tree
Pouring your warm sunshine
On every twig and branch

As the spring arrives
Sustained by the creator
Water this tree well
Springing me humbly back to life

Let my shoots
Spread around the garden
Providing light and shade
Basking in the sunlight

I thank you Lord
That you love this tree
You have planted in me
Let my roots grow deeper

Keep me pruned
Well watered
Nourished from the sunshine
Standing firm in your love

14 thoughts on “Keep us in your sunshine

  1. I love that image of being so deeply rooted in God that we are sustained no matter what is happening because we are drawing our strength from him. You express it so beautifully here.

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  2. For metaphor arboreus,
    God said, “Hmm, let’s see…
    this dude really looks a mess…
    I know, the Boojum tree!
    Wild weirdo of the western wastes,
    arms angled everywhere,
    looks that fit no person’s tastes,
    and oh, My God, that hair!
    (Said He truly “Oh, my God?
    He did, and well, why not?)”
    And so the Boojum, like me, odd
    is the symbol-tree I’ve got,
    and its strange and spiky grace
    fits my heart, and fits this place.

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