When God lives in us, his #Godspromise is that he lightens our loads and lights our way. Even in these dark days of a pandemic God is our lamp of hope, support, strength and so much more. 
The lamp of our soul

Darkness may be all around
But that won't bother us
A light is burning
Bright inside
Being comfort peace and hope

This light in the darkest hours
Is brighter than the sun
Holding our hands
Trusting in the only one

This light brings sunshine
Days of happiness
And blessings
Rainbows in the sky

In this light
As he shares our darkness
He also shares the blessings
Each one to be treasure
Refining who we are

The light is so unique
As individual as us
Designed for us
Tailored for our need

This light
The Spirit from our God
Holy one
Shining brighter than the sun

To choose this light
Is yours to make
Just ask the Lord
And believe
Jesus is the Christ

This light will
Never leave you
Once you accept it in
Never dimming
Only getting brighter

Let this light
Bring you all you need today
Whatever that may be
Just be still
God will light the way

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