I love composting so much I made my husband built a 3 tier composer from pallets. I am squeamish and not brave around nature, so he also is the one that has to turn it and keep it moving. Oh the screams if I was to see a slow worm or beetle!

And I am sure of this, that he who  began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

This #Godspromises from Philippians 1:6 got me thinking about how God working in my life is like making compost.

I take my veggie peelings, pulled weeds from the garden, grass cuttings, used tea bags (I am British 😉) coffee grinds, loo roll middles and much more to keep topping up the composter

As I top up the composter and the items begin to rot, worms and bugs get to work. The mountain of waste gets hot and the bugs munch, digest and turn the unwanted waste into a beautifully rich soil. Compost. 

When you put the compost on your flowers and veggie patch you are nourishing and feeding the plants. Keeping them healthy and giving them all they need to produce beautiful vegetables, flowers and fruit.

God takes all my weeds of sin and the grass cuttings of shame from my life along with all the wasted veggie peeling times of disobedience and unintentional falls and starts working in them.

As God takes my rotten wasteful mess he is turning it into compost that is nutritious in the Holy Spirit. I am being fed and being worked into a child of God. Equipped to bear God’s fruit that can only be produced by him through the waste he has turned into nourishing compost.

God is still working in our lives and a pandemic will not thwart or halt that. When the day of Christ comes we can say we gave everything.

God is with us until we are a complete work in him.

However you are feeling today, just let God use it to accomplish his work which is constantly evolving inside us.

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