Jesus is coming back. Imagine the shock of all who do not believe when this happens.

I find it sad people are so against believing, fighting this #Godspromises as I long for all to be saved. My heart understands not all with be saved but I know God will wait until the last moment so as many as possible are.

Part of us 
In this time warp of the present
Long to see Lord Jesus back
Wondering how every eye will see
Will he be on a white horse
Covered in a cloud
One thing for sure
He will be shining in glory

Part of us asks
Please wait a little longer
There are so many mockers
Refusing to believe
It is all about us
Wrongly believing
We make our own destiny

Lord Jesus
Before you come back
We long for friends and family
To know you
The way your people do
Drawing close in repentance
Getting to know you day by day
As it is sad to think of those left behind

In these strange times we live in
We hold your promises dear
Keeping our eyes on you sweet Jesus
Our goal
And prize
Our destiny
Eternity with you in heaven

If you want to know more about Jesus contact your local church. They are still open online and Alpha is still alive.

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