Sometimes all we need to do is be still. The trick is to sit still and listen before we crash from exhaustion. #Godspromises

Sitting still 
An art form
In its own right
No fidgeting
Or waiting
Till you've lost the fight
Don't wait for exhaustion
To set in
Before we let stillness settle in

Be still be calm
Before it gets to much
Don't fight the fight
On your own
Before your strength
Turns to dust
Sit be still
Do nothing
Just pray

Worry is a distraction
Bringing fear, stress, anxiety and more
Lack of confidence
Plays mind tricks
Whispering lies in your ears
Don't listen to the lies
Seek joy instead
The ultimate weapon
Wacking worry on the head

So in this world
Where sitting still
Is frowned upon
Don't follow the crowd
But Jesus, the King
Where just sitting
Still is the ultimate weapon
When we say please help us

Jesus swings down
On his white horse
To win the fight for us
Letting us rest and recuperate
While he fights the battle
His word is final
No one can refuse it
The fight is over
The battle won forever

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