Today a close friend is grieving a parent, my daughter is at her shift in the hospital where she works and it feels odd having a verse about a spirit raising Jesus from the dead, when this world is counting the cost of the pandemic in lives.

#Godspromises are true. Nothing can take that away and as both my friend and daughter take comfort in God, they are not alone.

God has left his Holy Spirit, who in essence is God. Do I understand this? No. Do I believe this anyway? Yes. This is faith.

We do not go through any part of life alone. When we accept Jesus this is  God’s promise. God never leaves us, he is in the good the bad and the ugly, God loves us and accepts us wherever we are, whatever the situation.

Dear Father,Son and Holy Spirit 
I thank you that you never leave us.
That you are with us in every circumstance, whether this is good or bad.
Strengthen and bring peace to all that need you today.
May they feel your presence stronger than ever.
Please comfort the grieving,
Bring strength to all who care and look after us.
Bring rest to the exhausted.
Let wisdom be in the hearts of everyone, doing what is right from following the rules, to showing love and kindness to each other.

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