What a promise! #Godspromises do not get much better than Matthew 7:7

How many of us really pray and cling to this promise?

This is a promise for this world. This instance, this moment and no other. This promise used to bless one another and not for selfish gain, is life changing and mind blowing.

To me this bible verse from Matthew is the one we need to cling to and claim in the midst of this pandemic. Think of all the things Christians could claim in God’s name if we all stood firm and prayed this verse daily. 

Dear Jesus 

We thank you that Matthew 7:7 are your words and teachings.
Just as we believe in you, we believe your words spoken and all you taught.

Lord Jesus we ask for you to be in our nation. To be alive and come in revival. We ask for stories of love and kindness to shine over the pandemic. For stories of healings and restored relationships. Lord Jesus we have asked we know and believe this is being given to us as we pray. Our hearts and arms are open to receive.

Lord Jesus we seek your wisdom through your Holy Spirit, for us personally and for our governments. In daily decisions doctors and nurses have to make along with all authorities. Let us seek with all out hearts so we find your wisdom abundantly through your Spirit.

Lord Jesus please open the doors in our communities. So we can share your love. Your gospel of peace. Let us encourage, support and build each other up through all your open doors, because once you have opened the door no one can shut it.

We claim these answers through your promise in Matthew 7:7 Jesus. You are our hope. Our deliverer, our all.


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