January is depressing. Even if you take COVID away, it is tough. I miss Christmas and the time I made to reflect on the nativity.

I have decided in the cold of winter and another lockdown that it is time to start looking towards hope.

The only place I know where to find true hope is through my Christian faith. So I have decided to start reflecting on God’s promises until lent.

God has so many promises and I think it would take me all year to find them,  let alone put them in order. So all my choices over the coming days and weeks will be random.

When I think of God’s promises I think of rainbows. Rainbows have many meanings and symbolise a lot of causes, but to me it will always be God’s covenant with the world after the great flood. A promise of how God will continue to look after us.

God’s promises are true. The promise all Christians cling to and hold dear is John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

In this world it is easy to forget about hell. As a Christian you cannot believe in heaven without believing in hell. I also have to admit that if heaven is beyond our wildest dreams, I am scared that hell is beyond our wildest nightmares.

Therefore John 3:16 is the ultimate promise. It does not promise that we will not die in this world, but it does promise that if we believe God sent his only son to die for us, and that while in this world we live for Jesus, we will have eternity in heaven.

Wow, wow,wow!

A life away from all that binds us on this world.

I don’t profess to know how this promise works, or that I am perfect because perfection only exists in Jesus. But in the middle of a pandemic with so much heartbreak and death around, I take great  comfort in this promise.

The truth is we will all die at some point and our loved ones will grieve. I hope that this isn’t today, tomorrow or anytime soon. But no one knows.

I would rather everyone was to die at old age, peacefully in their sleep, but life does not work that way. I find huge comfort knowing that when I leave this mortal world I will be going to another where I will have eternal life with my friend and saviour Jesus forever.

When I see a rainbow, I see a promise of eternal life. What do you see? Where is your hope today?

Rainbow photo Dave Hoefler. Found at Unsplash.

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