Dear Jesus

You are my hope
Nothing more
The world bringing it's story
Of doom and gloom
Life feeling like it's cheap
Where the only choice is economic fate
Death and depression

But my hope and firm foundation
Is the saviour
Who rose from the dead
Who today still brings life
Accepting us individually
Who doesn't count statistics
Spread fear
Or pigeon hole
You to him are special
So worth dying for

You are worth more
Than a tsunami of pandemic
Your not a post code lottery
Or part of a chain reaction
You are not a slave
BUT loved
Not as a captive or a slave
But free and alive

In these times of yet another lockdown
When winter months are stark
And missing loves ones is hard
Stand firm
In the one
Whose only message is love
The one that is our hope

Look for the miracles
In the darkness
Stories that only shine love
Hope and encouragment
Spreading joy
Covering the fear
There is still so much good
If only we open our eyes
Trusting in the one
Who died to bring us life.

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