Dear Jesus
If I could put my thoughts of 2020 to you in a letter or prayer. What would they look like and reflect of 2020

To say it is been a difficult year. Would probably be most people's understatement.
But as I reflect this cold New Years eve morning. I still thank you for every moment.

Lord Jesus you still break chains. Even in a pandemic
Setting people free from all that bound them tight.

I thank you for every tear you wiped.Too many this year to count.The workers on the front line you kept safe, strong and engerised. Who cared and loved each patient COVID or not.

I thank you for the key workers. Who worked to keep us safe, fed, watered and provided for every basic need.
From supermarket workers to delivery drivers keeping us very much sane.

I thank you Lord for workers not recognised.who continually worked without us knowing. Giving us a little bit of normal.I thank you that you are God of provision and that has never once stopped.

I thank you that I have learnt age is just a number.For Captain Tom and all those who raised such large amounts for others. For Marcus Rashford and his love for children so in need.

I thank you for the mindless TV that provided light relief. For the beautiful spring and summer, weather so beautiful to enjoy. For the cold crisp winter and that the real Christmas can never be cancelled.

I thank you for your church. The body not the building. For your church online, still shining. Actions of love over flowing. Your church still far to human showing your grace and living magnificently in this strangest of time.

I thank you for technology that has made 2020 happen. Keeping as many in jobs as can be.

Lord Jesus, I know there is no magic tick of the clock. When 2021 is here nothing much will change.

But I prayer our hearts will be the key. More people giving their lives to you. Building up hope, grace and mercy. Showing love to one another that can only come from heaven.

So Jesus as I thank you for all of 2020, the joy, smiles and breakthroughs that never made it to the news.

I take this opportunity to pray for 2021. I pray you will be in this year, shining brighter than ever. Breaking chains, bringing freedom, healing, repentance and love. Uniting us to you the son. The one that truly understands us and all that we need.


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