I go into the conservatory because it is light and bright. It can also be cold and chilling to the bones in the winter months.

I can hear the birds more from here. A chorus that rivals no other. Glimpses of them feeding from their feeder. The brave coming out to fly over head, the bright blue sky for a background.

Even amid the houses and gardens, a small part of God’s beauty is to be seen.

The icy frost glittering off shed roofs, fence tops and cars, making spider web patterns on the grass.

The loney Christmas rose bringing flowering beauty to a bleak limbo.

Shrubs and trees a mixture of greenery and twigs. Sheltering hibernating animals keeping them cosy and warm.

This time between Christmas and New year, when we wrap up warm and snuggle indoors. God’s beauty is still with us in the sunset and sunrise.

From cold morning frost to clear dark nights twinkling their starlights.

Just as our bleak year of 2020 comes to an end, God works his nature under the ground preparing for his next season.

It there may not feel like much to appreciate in this pandemic. But every loved one still with us, healthy and well. For those still with jobs count your blessings not woes.

For those in a dark place, do not let it overflow. Take heart that God is still in this place. God is using this time like the season. To plan and create a new spring. In you and on this earth. Bringing forth new blooms and flowers in the season. 

Let God bring you peace in this season of winter pandemic. Stay strong in hope and peace as God works in us under the surface planting new bulbs and flowers in our hearts ready for the next season.

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