Day 22 of #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is wonder.

You can’t have the wonder of the cross without the wonder of Christmas.

For me one thing I do wonder about is how do people manage to adult fumbling in the dark without knowing Christ. I can barely adult with Christ, sadly spending lots of time repenting. Let’s face it, it takes zero effort to mess up.

Last night there was a conjecture with Saturn and Jupiter aligned making a superstar. Described as a Christmas wonder. Sadly I could not see this from where I live as it was a cloudy night, blocking out all stars.

I wonder if this is the same with our hearts and minds. Sometimes they feel so clouded. We can’t see and are clouded in our views we hurt others unintentionally and ourselves.

Some people are cloudy on there thoughts of Christmas choosing to believe in Santa rather than a saviour.

Maybe we need to ask God to remove the clouds from our hearts and minds so we can see his true wonder and spend our times tuning our heart beats to a baby born in a stable many years ago.

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