Day 19 #wonderfulladvent and the word prompt for today is miracle.

In first world countries we take having a baby for granted but actually it is still one of life’s miracles.

Some couples wait for years and try everything to conceive. When there long awaited baby is here, it is a miracle.

Sadly there are still to many stillborn babies. Babies born prematurely, with an illness or even harder to think with an addiction.

Having a baby in a first world country is still a miracle, let alone a country less developed.

I wonder at this time of year what it would of been like for Mary giving birth many years ago. (Historically and scientifically proven Jesus was born the rest is faith)

I can only imagine giving birth without hospitals over 2000 years ago was not only scary but each safe delivery would be a miracle.

Did Mary have a midwife, was Joseph her birthing partner. Did Jesus sleep all night. Whatever the answers he was born in a uncertain and violent time. It was a miracle he survived.

With COVID seeming to be winning the war it feels a miracle is needed more than ever. Maybe we just need to ask and believe.

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