Day 13 #wonderfulladvent and the prompt word is King

Our Christmas story 
O so true
Is a tale of old
From many years ago

This Christmas tale is of 2 kings
both so very different
One king good
One king bad

The villain of the piece
Was very dark indeed
Jealous, mean and moody
When he didn't get his way

The bad king wanted power
Domination over his people
He didn't want the threat
Of anyone taking his crown

Magi came to Jerusalem
Expecting to visit a new born king
Following a star
They expected to see him there

Our good king nowhere to be found
The Magi stumbled on the evil king
Lies from his lips
Let me know when you find the king
I want to go and worship him

This monster of a king
Did not want to share
He had heard the prophecy
Of the saviour king

When realising the Magi
Weren't coming back
The evil king
He order all the babies killed

The Good King was born so humbly
Not Seeking earthly treasures
His parents keeping him safe
Fleeing Herod's killers

Our Good king
Doesn't desire an earthly crown
although he deserves all our praise
He just longs to know you
And wants you to believe in him

Believe this Good king
For he loves you so
Much more than status, money or gold
All he wants to be
Is king of your heart

He loves you more than anything
To the cross and back
He died so you can
Have ever lasting life

So this Christmas remember
The Good king
born in a stable
for me and for you

Photo: Clipartkey

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