Day 10 of #wonderfulladvent and the word is yoke.

Yoke what a word!

As a Christian when you hear the yoke you always quote Matthew 28.

To be honest though I have never known what Jesus meant by my yoke is easy. All I know is that Jesus wasn’t taking about eggs!

So to be honest and admit my lack of education through the power of Google I looked up yoke.

A yoke is a piece of wood that is fastened like a collar over the necks of 2 animals attached to a plough or cart for pulling.

Reflecting on this rightly or wrongly I like to think that the yoke is taking the strain of the plough or cart and making it easier for the animals to pull.

So when Jesus is saying his yoke is easy and his burden light, I have totally rethought this, instead of sweeping over the verse.

Jesus is saying I am attached to you. We are side by side. As we walk through life and our struggles, together with Jesus we are attached by our yoke and Jesus is carrying the strain with us making our burden light.

Dear Jesus 
Thank you that your attached to us
You walk beside us and never leave us
You take our burdens and struggles and all the strain
We are never alone

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