Journey is the word for #wonderfulladvent day 9.

From the time God made Abraham look at the night sky and promised him more descendents than the stars. To the time Isaiah prophesied about the root of Jesse

From King David to a humble carpenter named Joseph. A walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem over 80 miles. From our births to now. We are all on a journey.

A journey where we often ask “are we there yet?”

Just as Abraham waited for his Son. Just as a nation waited for their messiah. Just as Mary believed the Angel and Joseph was obedient.

We all live in that hope.

Our journey takes us many places through joy, sadness, hope, light and darkness.

For some of us it takes longer to see the truth. But whatever our journey and where that takes us, God’s promises are true.

God walks through our journey with us, the spirit holding our hands.

Are you there yet?

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