This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is disappoint. You can join in the fun here:  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

Can I be disappointed
With you Holy God
If things don't go my way

Do I struggle and question
Why does it have to be this way?

In the heat of emotional stress
I can feel abandoned
Not understanding
That you know what is best

Hindsight is amazing
And if I took the time
To see as you do
Take in the bigger picture

Act the way you taught me
Be loving
Accepting and kind
And do not spurt out
What is in my mind

Yes I get disappointed
Upset and lose the plot
Grumpy and nasty
If things do not go my way

But remind me constantly
Disappointment is just an emotion
Like love and hate
linked to selfishness

You have taught me time again
That you love me
And know me best

And in my disappointment
It is always for the best
For your keeping me on the right track
As you know me best.

The photo is the view from a cousin’s garden. I am jealous! I added the bible verse and keep it as my screen saver on my phone. It reminds me God’s timing isn’t the same as mine but at the right time God will breakthrough.

20 thoughts on “Disappointed with God?

  1. Your photo and words were just beautiful this morning. May every seed of disappointment
    fall into the ground and yield a harvest of joy in our lives!

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  2. Thanks for this encouragement! It is easy to be discouraged when God’s ways and God’s timing are not ours. This is a great reminder that he knows what he’s doing.

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  3. “And in my disappointment It is always for the best For your keeping me on the right track As you know me best” – Yes! He knows best and I should just trust that.

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  4. God, what were you thinking?
    Did I escape Your eye?
    Or perhaps You have been drinking
    at some pub in the sky.
    I had all these plans and schemes,
    some bonza aspirations,
    but You have scattered all my dreams
    with a doc’s prognostications.
    Rather than build monuments to self,
    I write, now, poetry,
    and in the dust of the back shelf
    is my lost history.
    And as I whine about my loss,
    He bids me turn, to see the Cross.

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  5. My pastor once said that he prays that the hardest things in his life will be the same things he looks back at in the future and says “Oh Lord, that was your mercy.” I know some of my biggest disappointments have made way for my greatest joys, I just can’t often see it until later. Sometimes that later will be heaven.

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